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2016.11.07, 11:43 AM
Hello all, First of all the posting notice!

Next Club GTG:

Saturday Nov. 26th & Sunday, Nov 27th!

That's right! 48 Hours of Mini-Z GTG fun! We can run straight from Setup on Saturday right till teardown on Sunday!

We will most likely me running two different layouts unless all those present prefer to run the same layout both days.

We will be running a mix of both 30cm & 50cm & I will try to keep it to more 50 than 30. But as I mentioned before, we may have two days of running so we may have two different types of layouts.

This event will be held @ Grant's Place in Langley.

Deer Creek Estates
2315 198th St., Langley

>>Google Map<< (https://goo.gl/maps/EuDhaw4UuWH2)



The best entrance to use is Gate #1

The Club House is at the back to the right of the pond.

Make use of any parking spot that's not a driveway. There are 3 spots near the clubhouse & another 6 near the entrance.


Track setup will be @ 10am which is a little later to accommodate the fact that we will be running much longer & later & it will allow people to sleep in a bit or to at least get some things done in the morning before getting out to the track.

Please try to come out for 10am to help setup if you can. We will be running until approx. 4 or 5pm on Sunday.

The entry fee for this GTG is $20 for BOTH days!
Or, $15 for one day.
As per the usual, a $5 discount will be given if you are there to help setup or tear down.
(Or if you help with track layout change if we decide to do it)

As this event will be running much longer, I'm hoping to have us fire up some Burger's on the BBQ for our dinner on Saturday & or Lunch on Sunday. This will all depend on attendance. I will try to pack along some condiments & we can run out & buy the burgers & buns when we know what kind of turnout we have. The costs for this would be determined at the time of the event, so bring an extra $10 or so with you. I do also figure we will be ordering pizza at some point & may be able to get it from somewhere other than Fresh Slice, so bring an extra couple bux for that. All in all, the weekend if you come for both days & eat at the track should run you about $40. Not bad for a weekend of fun I'd say!

Take my Cell # down and bring it with you in case there are any issues:
Ryan: (778) 988-3425

2016.11.17, 03:04 PM
Hey guys, this sounds interesting, what's the plan? I won't be able to atend both days but for sure 1 of them that can include any overnight race. What's the deal?

The G
2016.11.20, 08:31 PM
The two day event has been canceled until next year.