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2016.11.09, 05:16 PM
I have a mr-03ve and a mb-010 50th anniversary. Im having issues with both of them. first thing I did was get the cars to roll/accelerate straight with the trim. Then, I adjusted end point by turning the cars over upside down and adjusting the end pint until I hear the servo buzzing and then go back 2 notches just to have a buffer. After all this, I find they turn more one direction than the other. Its much more noticeable on my mr03 than the buggy, but I find it weird how they both have the same issue. Which is telling me its something Im doing wrong.
My question is
1- Am I doing something wrong with the adjustments to cause this?
2- If I'm not doing something wrong, what's causing this?
3- Am I expecting too much from these small scale cars?

2016.11.09, 06:28 PM
What radio(s) are being used?

2016.11.09, 06:55 PM
Syncro ex-6

2016.11.10, 03:11 AM
Hmm... suggest to do a factory reset on the radio... there's a way to do it on the kt18 but not quite sure how you can do that on the ex-6...

Is the difference in the turning radius between left and right that substantial? Maybe the servo gears are busted? Can't think of anything else...

Hope this helps and good luck

2016.11.10, 11:26 AM
The way you are adjusting the steering end points sounds very logical but on a Mini-Z I would adjust it on track by comparing the turning radius between left and right. It isn't that uncommon that the cars will turn better in one direction versus the other.