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2016.11.13, 04:37 AM
Ok, here we go.

In 1999 i've fallen in love with Mini-Z but at the time i don't have the possibility to spend that money.
During the years i've used Mini-Z from firends and people that visit an RC shop in my city.
Now after lot of time where i don't care about RC world i decided i want a Mini-Z and bought it.

What i own now is:

-MA-020VE PRo chassis
-KT18 (at the moment)
-Ko propo HS ICS usb module
-Various body and wheels
-Battery and charger (you don't say XD)

Here cames the questions (i try to keep thems as schematic as i can)

1)I want to buy a Gyro unit. Is the one for MR-03 (MZW405) the correct one for MA-020VE?

2)The Ko Propo HS ICS module (No. 61028) work (from what i read) for MR-03. Can it wprk for MA-020VE as well (support win 7-8-10 thatb it's a plus if i can use it)

3) (Related to question 2) If yes can you point/link) me to a program for MA-020VE or can i use the ICS manager for MR-03?

4)Kyosho website is abysmal and not updated (or i'm just too stupid to find what i need). Does anyone have (maybe fanmade) list of compatible upgrade for MA-020VE? (kyosho say only AWD compatibility but i don't want to waste money buying things that fit on MA-010 and not on mine chassis)

5)what upgrade for ma-010/15 can i use on 020? (differential?)

Thank you and sorry for these question and for my bad english, but i'm not from a native english country i hope is good enough for you to understand.

2016.11.13, 08:17 PM
greetings and welcome to the forums...

wish i could be of some help... but i'm not much into awd... i hope some others who are more knowledgeable can help out...

it seems that you are from lavagna ge... italy... buon giorno!

how is the mini-z scene doing over there? maybe if there is a track or hobby shop, you can visit and ask questions to fellow drivers...

2016.11.14, 01:38 AM
There is no community..

The Shop is nice but, the official kyosho importer for italy just import nothing and simply tell you that you can't have this, that and it's like this for all the kyosho mini-z catalog.

I bought mine from germany 5 days ago.

There is a site similar to this one for italian mini-z owner but it's pretty much dead and so i decided to join an american one.

It's pretty much the same with rx7 community, i joined the american one XD

2016.11.14, 02:11 AM
have you seen this? is it the same as the shop you know?

2016.11.14, 02:33 AM
It's the site i'm talking about...only admin and a few person active

2016.11.15, 06:23 AM
Kyosho Europe answered me on social media gyro unit for MR-03 is the same then MA-020

Ko propo HS ICS module work for MA-020 and the program for MR-03 work on mine as well

They don't answer me about compatibility of parst for MA-010/15 on MA-020

2016.11.15, 07:17 AM
welcome :)
i'm not experienced with AWD either but my limited understanding is that possibly the only changes have been to chassis/PCB or board/servo meaning the board may have changed size due to ASF/PRO (not sure this affected the main chassis?) and servo assembly/pot/servo motor may have changed if going from a platform that used a different servo motor such as ASF brushed vs. brushless.
my assumption is that despite the evolution in suspension/drive train setup and configuration, it all uses the same basic parts and attach to the chassis in the same manner. If i am incorrect, someone please jump in to correct:p

i tried finding someplace to race while in Rome on vacation this year but never found anything. :(

2016.11.15, 07:32 AM
probably the front suspension changed..probably

2016.11.15, 09:35 AM
The ma020 has a completely reconfigured front and rear suspension design. Instead of knuckles on all four corners traveling a rigid suspension path the front now mimics an mr03 in its progressive camber. The rear is Kyosho's take on Atomics independent rear suspension and in my view greatly improves the design.

There are a small collection of hop ups but for the most part aren't really needed. You can still use the same ball diff as an 010. Following the advice of a club member I've got a ball diff rear and a "hard gear diff" from the Kyosho buggy in the front. It makes an excellent race steed with good grip balance front/rear. Almost all of the alloy 010 hop ups are no longer related to this chassis.

Not really sure about the rest of your ics questions.

2016.11.15, 12:16 PM
thanks for chiming in with the corrections. i had forgotten about the redesigned front end.
I really need to update the chassis subforums with the manufacturer highlights for the product improvements, if it's not there already.

2016.11.15, 08:46 PM
MA-020 has a unique and completely new front end. The rear DWS has been around since the MA-015, but for the 020 it also got a wide rear track.

Generally speaking, chassis hop-ups, like the differentials, motor mounts, pinion gears and the center driveshaft are all the same as the MA-010. The DWS parts for the MA-015 will all fit on the MA-020. The steering servo and all it's parts are unchanged (possibly except the servo case...dunno). All front end parts are unique however, and none of the old MA-010 or MA-015 front end parts fit. This includes knuckles, springs, anti roll bars, tie rods, ect. The old upgraded universal shafts will also fit if you configure the MA-020 in narrow tread. If you use the wide tread, you will need the longer driveshafts. Kyosho, PN and Atomic make them.

I know thats probably a lot to take in :) Feel free to PM me with specific questions if it helps. I love the MA-020!

2016.11.16, 06:36 AM
Thank you.
Finally yesterday i've got a decent pack of battery and i finally drive my MA-020VE PRO.

Very nice and fast..i'm waiting for my ICS module cause i found there is too much delay before i can reverse.

I probably switch to a longer gear rateo (a little) and i'll go for the LL chassis configuration, cause i'm 3D printing an adapter to use my LM 787B body on my awd chassis.

I cutted down the 102 mm wheelbase body to 98mm and i'm just finishing to modify the body.

Now i need only more offset wheels to fit that body.

Thank you teesquared^^

2016.11.16, 06:39 AM
interested to see how that modification turns out. i don't believe i've ever seen a 102mm cut down to 98mm.

2016.11.16, 08:14 AM
interested to see how that modification turns out. i don't believe i've ever seen a 102mm cut down to 98mm.

It's sort of an extreme and rough modification.

I have a white body 787B i simply cut the body in 2 piece (where the red line is)

then when i have 2 piece i simply remove 4 mm of material and glue togheter the 2 part

then i have to use tamiya epoxy putty to build again plastic where the car is not "in line"

And i 3D print mount to chassis.

The part where i cut the body it's not the best for istallation, cause i lose the chassis mount, but it's the only way to not ruin the look of the body and loosing only a little proportion


2016.11.17, 08:14 AM
Waiting for the adapters to came i've istalled the wide chassis parts, and i think i've achieved the basic setup i like.

98mm wheelbase (LL) and wide suspension arms