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2016.11.21, 04:08 PM
name: derek
contact: via pm
thread: custom bodies FS

I've decided that I have a couple bodies that I won't be using so I thought I'd see if anyone out there would want to purchase them.

They are expensive as bodies to race but I've always felt that the unique nature of having a race replica is worth the expense....if you consider that a white body ($25usd shipped) plus a decal set ($25-$30usd shipped) plus paint and effort then you can understand that the value is realistic.

Bodies listed below are $100usd shipped each.

Kraft Daytona Lexus SuperGT 2009

Sebastian Loeb #9 RedBull McLaren 12c FIA GT1

Still deciding on some other bodies if I want to part with them....stay tuned.

2017.03.30, 09:45 PM

getting through a bunch of bodies in the coming months and figured I'd revive interest if any.

2017.03.31, 06:39 AM
knowing first hand what goes into making custom livery cars of this quality, your price in on the mark. materials alone can be $60-80. what most find difficult to account for is the value of time/effort.

Great work and best of luck :p the red bull mclaren is simply beautiful.