View Full Version : Mini Z action in North Carolina, USA?

2016.11.30, 12:14 PM
Hi All,

I'm all new to mini z and my local hobby store is trying to get this going in Hickory, North Carolina. I was wonder what else is around here in NC.


MiniE - aka Ernie :D

2016.11.30, 02:23 PM
Welcome aboard Ernie. Hickory? Any more info than that? I am in Kannapolis and part of a group that lost their facility when High Speed Hobbies closed the end of May. A few of us have been going to a group over in Piedmont SC once a month and there is a small group around Cary that we haven't made it to yet. We try to get up to the DC area a few times a year to race with the two groups there.

Get your track/Shop information up so we can set up a tracks and get together's thread for you.

Looking forward to seeing and hearing more about your group and location.

2016.11.30, 05:37 PM
Hi meleemor60,

The track I been going is SUPER new in HobbyTown in Hickory

1826 Highway 70 SE
Hickory, NC 28602
(828) 315-9658

I'm not related to the track at all but will love for it to stick around and I drove my Mini Z for the first time this Sunday and I really feel in love with it. There is no timing system as of now but after Christmas they are planning to put a timing system up and see if they can get racers.


MiniE aka Ernie

2017.01.04, 06:32 PM
Any pictures of the track?

2017.01.04, 06:41 PM
It is a 2 wide L set up for now. They are trying to get organized and hope to begin organized racing mid February.

There is a race this weekend over in western SC right of I-85 at exit 32. A group from the MD/DC area are coming down. GT-70 and Mod. Friday practice Saturday race. Hope to be done by 2ish so the travelers can get back. You remember Gary Thomas and the crew from races at High Speed.

2017.01.05, 10:48 AM
Hi Mike! I heard about the SC get together, but I can't make that one. I'd love to get back to Mini-Zs and hope that the folks in Hickory can get something going soon. Its only about an hour from my house.

2017.01.05, 11:16 AM
The show over in Piedmont this weekend canceled due to impending weather. Will try to keep you in the loop for the future. Using the same email address?

2017.01.05, 11:43 AM
Sorry to hear. Yes, same email address...

2017.01.06, 03:42 AM
That is really awesome you guys are getting mini z racing back on the norm in North Carolina. I really miss racing down there. Hey Mike you know how to reach me. Maybe I can talk to a few friends up in North Jersey to come down if there's a big race. It'd be definitely nice to see the Carolina cup again. Welcome to mini z racing Ernie.:D