View Full Version : MC3 Ebook Blog #2

2016.12.06, 12:10 AM
As stated before in another thread, our fastest racer Kevin Mueller (who was fastest in the world in August in the one28thworldseries and also helps develops some of our parts) and I made some video blogs which we will be releasing every 2 weeks or so to support the launch of our ebook entitled "MC3's Buying, Tuning and Racing Mini-Z Guide, 2WD Touring Version ".

The ebook will initially launch on Amazon*com with subsequent release of a multimedia/ interactive version available through Apple ibooks.

If you haven't done already, add our social media fan page to your favourites to keep up to date on new videos and product information.

Here is a link to the second video with more to come!


2016.12.06, 08:38 PM
Thanks again.:)