View Full Version : HFAY Season 22 Races 9 & 10

2016.12.07, 08:44 AM
sorry for the late request. please get your times for HFAY Races 9 and 10 uploaded as soon as possible so I can get them process and results posted.


2016.12.07, 11:54 AM
our's should already be there :p please let me know if not.

2016.12.07, 07:34 PM
just waiting on Burncity Mini-Z. the DC times are in there. :)

2016.12.08, 09:42 AM
times are all in and results have been processed. Great job everyone. Looks like Washington GTG kicked butt on this track, especially in the counter clockwise direction taking the top 5 spots :eek: Great job.

2016.12.08, 12:49 PM
awesome! i'll try to get all the results pages for DC upload to our sites this weekend. can't give a date on video's but will get those up ASAP, i'm at the mercy of the cloud for that one.