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2002.08.21, 02:19 PM
Hi, i currently run a slot car shop in san jose,ca. We have two 155ft tracks with high bank and low bank turns! It is one hell of a fun track to run your z's on and is available every wednesday night from 6-9 pm. i charge a small fee of 5 dollars to run for the whole night! Check out our website to see the tracks we have!
it also has a map so you can come down and see what all the fun is about! www.slotcar.net (http://www.slotcar.net)


2002.08.21, 05:16 PM
Is y'alls not doing Saturday mornings or Monday nights anymore?

2002.08.21, 07:06 PM
That's a sweet looking track!

If only San Rafael were closer to San Jose...

2002.08.21, 07:08 PM
Thanks for asking! we will be holding practices on Wednesday nights and races every 1st and 3rd saturday of each month at 11am. Plaques will be handed out to 1st, 2nd, 3rd. place awards will also be givin out to everyone else who races! Nobody goes home empty handed! I am considering giving out prizes for everyone who races too. keep postin up and i will reply. thanks for your interest.


2002.08.21, 08:05 PM
No more Monday nights? Prizes are cool! Prizes for the person with the best body (obviously me :D) Why did you guys move racing to 11 am? You guys should race next weekend. No other Bay Area tracks have a schedule for 5th Saturdays.

2002.08.21, 08:08 PM
SR_Lancer: Come on out, there's one guy that comes from Vallejo, as in, like, really far.

2002.08.21, 08:09 PM
Mike: Since when do you run the shop? :D:D:D Do you guys have F1 Wide Slick Tires in stock?

2002.08.22, 02:36 AM
Andy, my uncle, ownes the place. I run the shop, meaning i work there every day that we are open, i place orders, fix cars, sell stuff and clean the shop daily. I count the money each week and have all the responsibilities of running the show there. this has been going on for about 3 weeks now. If any of you guys know Brian the guy that used to work their, he doesnt any more. :D any more questions? Wednesday nights from 6-9 practice, and the races we will play by ear. i will see what everyone wants to do and set a date for racing. keep postin'

2002.08.22, 11:53 PM
ahhhhhh......SLOTCAR track racing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its been a while since I have been there...MIKE, Good of you to let all of us know......NOW for the ones to GET THERE... The plaques are very nice little show off plaques. Good for the ego. F-1 rules and Mini-zs rock on that track.

Can't wait to go practice and get the "rythum" back in the slotcars.net Racing 3D style!!!!!

Hitting the APEX on the banked turn #1 is awsome when sling shotted out from it!!

talk to you soon fellas....tell everyone!!! This track is very fun

But beware...Castle Hobbies track is coming soon.

2002.08.22, 11:54 PM
Weds nights!!!!!!!!!

2002.08.23, 12:33 AM
Kev, I heard that you sold your Mini-Z, or the F1, at least, not sure if you had more.

2002.08.23, 10:14 AM
ive got the greatest news of all today! I talked to the MZR guys yesterday and they are sponsering us for a race on September 7th. we will be giving out prizes like turbo's, bb's, and stuff like that! we will also be having a raflle with some parts! its gonnna be great! Its a while away but i know most of you guys need to start comin buy and practicing! so grab your cars and get down to the slot car track wednesday night so you can get first bank down ;) when you get there you will know what i mean :)


oh yea e-mail me and i will send you a copy of all the prizes and classes we are running infamusmx6@aol.com LATE!

2002.08.23, 11:26 AM
I hope there's an open F1 class with F1 prizes.

2002.08.23, 02:39 PM
by far F1's will be the highlight of our track. F1's are the most exciting to watch and yes we are going to run an open F1 class with PRIZES! i am considering throwin a bbq on the same day of the race so we can eat, race, and have one hell of a good time! so come check us out. Wednesday nights from 6-9 will be the practice on the big blue track. i am reserving it for mini-z's only so no slot cars will be on the track. so come by and check it out!

2002.08.29, 01:43 AM
HI fellas...

Rick....yes, I did sell an F-1...I still have my Mack-Daddy F-1 though. I was there tonight (weds night) Not the greatest turn out..but I think not many know it changed to weds nights.

Warning: the F-1s must run the F-1 body. Not a lexan body. So we both have to get regular Formula ONE bodies. Know where I can get one???? Let me know...LOL I need one b4 race day.

The track was awsome today. I can't wait until Castle Hobbies (castlehobbies.com) track is going to be installed!!!!!

I hear its going to be the sweetest track this side of the country. We will have to see. The bridge looks sweet. I have not seen it in person yet...but its supposed to be up by next week. stay tuned.


2002.08.29, 02:52 AM
Hey SR_Lancer,

I'm in San Rafael too! Where do you run your car?


Initial D
2002.09.01, 03:31 PM
wait, and you can run mini-z's on this? that's pretty cool. I'm in cupertino so i should be able to go sometime. provided i learn how to use a mini z once i get my damned controller from damned hobby world in damned sunnyvale. yes.

2002.09.02, 12:07 AM
Kev: I think I have enough non-broken parts to make a functional Kyosho F1 body :D I haven't seen anywhere around here to buy just bodies, come to think of it.

All Bay Area people come out!!! I order you to! I hope they have good prizes for second, I wouldn't want to go all that way and get nothing good. Must learn to drive... Must beat Kevin... Must strap rockets to car... Dang, no lexan so I can't put the extra battery holder and a 180 motor in there :D

2002.09.02, 12:49 PM

If you have enough extra parts to make a F-1 body, I will buy them off ya buddy!!!

They don't have to match. I am going to paint them anyway. Let me know....give me your home email address and we can work something out!

Or email me direct. Kev71H@aol.com we can swap phone #

Thanks Rick


2002.09.04, 10:32 AM
Rick.......was wondering if you had enough parts for a F-1 body for me???? I can't run this Sat unless I have a F-1 body. I will buy it off ya...just let me know.

Kev71H@aol.com..or post here..

Are you going to be at the track tonight???? WEDS 5 pm on?:(

2002.09.04, 04:14 PM
Kev, I do have enough for an extra body but I can't come out this evening, homework and it's far and stuff. The next time I'll be out that way is gonna be race day. Email me, though, I don't know how much you're looking to pay, bodies run $30 in the shop at this site and from HK from about $25. Let me know if you're interested, though.

2002.09.04, 07:53 PM
Hey guys, I'm gonaa be in the Bay area on spet 13-16 attending a wedding, is there anywhere in particular I should visit other than the Rock, GoldenGateBridge, FishermanWarf???


2002.09.05, 12:46 AM
Rick..I will email ya.....We can work on a good fair price brudda.

Orange: Have you saw the Rock, GoldenGateBridge, FishermanWarf??? That will keep you busy some. I just moved here and its kinda hard to suggest stuff.

You could go to Pier 39 (ask around...everyone knows it) and you could go to MONEREY..its a great cool place also. Bring your Jacket dude...San Fran can get cold. everywhere else here may be "cookin" hot. Ya just never know....but ONE thing is for sure...its going to be B E A U T I F U L here in Cali!!!!!!!!!!


2002.09.11, 12:06 AM
i got a mini-z controller for sale, $20, if you can find one for cheaper show me and i will give it to you for cheaper. i will throw in a set of crystals too for 10 bux xtra

2002.09.11, 10:08 AM

Cool racing last saturday! Can't wait for the next one. By the way, when is the next one? Let us know. Thanks dude......TRACK PRACTICE RACING TONIGHT!!! www.slotcars.net


2002.09.11, 10:09 AM


Initial D
2002.09.11, 10:59 AM
nononononoo! do not go to pier 39. not much there anyway. Just a bunch of annoying skaters and a **** load of tourists. I would only go there for the food, since I lived in San Francisco for a **** load of time. as for Monterey, it's really cold, but the seafood is good. Anywhere in San Fran is gonna be cold, so pack a jacket. As for the controller, i'm getting one fromn slonik today, so my custom title may change! :D

2002.09.12, 12:29 AM
just to let you know i skate, im not annoying, and neither are the skaters there. they are just tryin to have some fun. 39 is a fun place to skate, ive been skatin there and around san fran for years. its a great place to skate, the food is good, and they people are cool. :) end of discussion back to mini-z's.


2002.09.12, 12:02 PM
Mike- How was the Weds night RC practices? Many people? Sorry I couldn't go..but wanted to..I went Sailing at Half Moon Bay..that was pretty cool.

Anyway......any next scheduled race???? Just my opinion: I think many agree that Weds nights can be a good COMPETITION RACE night since the weekends are so packed for many of us. Most are local but some are NOT. Its a pro's and con's thing with timing of the MID week thing.

We all know of the huge turn out that we had "at first" on Monday nights...maybe a monday night will be good?? I know you said something about doing it that night.

Let us know your thoughts?

Will be looking for the post.


(PS. Sorry Rick.......I know you guys are coming from Oakland but hey, at least its not "that" far.)