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2016.12.12, 04:45 PM
Not sure if this is the right place to post this, forgive me if not :)

It seems that the feature for users to delete their own threads is missing? Or am I just not seeing where you can do this?

Also notice you cannot edit the public title of a thread, only the title within the thread. Again, am I missing something? :confused:

In particular, it would be nice to be able to remove for-sale threads after the item is sold, edit the public title to say it is sold, or if you opt to take your item off the market.

2016.12.12, 06:02 PM
looking into it, can't seem to make that change for whatever reason.

2016.12.12, 06:10 PM
Thanks Arch! :)

2017.01.06, 04:17 PM
Following up - any progress on this?

2017.01.06, 06:17 PM
I think FS content should not be able to be deleted by users. Let's say I buy something from someone and when it arrives it seems like maybe something is missing but I'm not sure or can't remember.

If the original post is deleted how does the purchaser know or prove anything is wrong?

2017.01.07, 08:31 AM
the thinking was, if a user deletes how own thread, it leaves the buyer with no recourse to find the post should there be an issue and need to refer back to it. users can always edit the post to notify it has been sold.

2017.01.09, 06:48 AM
Yes but to TeeSquared's point. The user should at least be able to edit the title. I don't want to open up 20 different ads just to see them marked sold. We should be able to scan the the titles and determine what is still available without having to open the ad and scroll through it.

Also you should be screen shooting any ad of an item you buy. If the security blanket is going back to the posting to make sure everything is correct then what is to stop someone from editing the post and removing something they forgot to send or changing the pictures.

Not allowing people to delete old ads is not ensuring or guaranteeing anything. The ability to at least mark a for sale thread as "sold" would be a huge benefit to everyone on here.

2017.01.09, 07:29 AM
There is no guarantee of anything. This site makes no promises nor offers any services with regard to personal transactions between it's members, it's all spelled out in the rules post. This section is here solely for the convenience of it's members. This is why we added the member feedback so that buyers/sellers could use feedback as a form of validating. If you want security, you need to do so via means suggested, take a screen capture of the post, save correspondence, always use tracking with shipping, use the member feedback, etc. Again, we have a thread just for such recommendations here as well. i think we've had only 2-3 members in our sites history that were banned due to egregious behavior with regard to member to member transactions that no longer made it possible to continue being a member and were removed.

We cannot restrict editing as we often have to request a user edit their post to confirm to the requested format (many either do not read the rules post of choose to ignore it) or the offending post is simply removed and ask the user to redo, correctly. We do not ask a lot of members who use this section but you would be surprised at how much of a hassle it is for moderators to constantly have to request corrections, remove posts, etc. from here. The format is for the benefit of buyers and sellers in consistency and necessary provision of the basics.

Users already can edit, it appears the title many not be part of that option. I have no specific option to enable just editing of title in the back end so it is what it is. In this case, the poster would need to either let fall down the post list or request it be altered or deleted. If requested to be deleted, it usually is (they can always be recovered). We try to strike a good balance. If more trouble than it's worth, we would just as easily do without and remove the subforum. It's not perfect but it's fair. If you seek more benefits/protections auctions sites provide, you need to use those and pay their fee's. It's just as easy to get hosed on auction sites :rolleyes: There are always ways around it and those who seek to do so. Due to our tight community and history of this site, this seldom ever happens here. You always manage to find one bad apple from time to time though. :(

2017.01.09, 03:55 PM
If the original post is deleted how does the purchaser know or prove anything is wrong?

the thinking was, if a user deletes how own thread, it leaves the buyer with no recourse to find the post should there be an issue and need to refer back to it. users can always edit the post to notify it has been sold.

Tammer brings up a very valid point. It would be effortless for someone to edit there for-sale ad and instantly circumvent this security measure. Kind of negates the ban on deleting your own post because it makes no difference to someone determined to rip you off. Kind of like building a glass fence around your house and reassuring yourself youíre safer.

Arch also brings up a good point that this community is small enough and the members well enough connected that there is some degree of ďherd immunityĒ from getting ripped off, but of course this risk canít be eliminated. Itís the internet after-all, and there is always someone more clever than you who will try and probably succeed in swindling you. That is life and the only way to avoid it entirely is not buying or selling online. Arch also points out that other sites which charge fees to sell your stuff also often leave people screwed, and I can say from first-hand experience that this is absolutely true. Iím actually currently working with eBay to help me get a refund from a fraudulent seller and it's a royal PITA. Thankfully it's for a small amount of money that I am prepared to walk away from if it proves too hard to get back.

So my personal opinion is that not being able to delete your own threads doesnít offer any additional protection, clutters up the classified section, and creates more work for the moderators. BUT because the assumption that most of us are trustworthy is probably true 99% of the time, than I still donít mind the rules remaining unchanged. The fact that itís been operating largely without issue for years also lends credibility to the current system. Itís not how I would personally choose to manage a discussion forum, but seeing as I am able to use the classified section here for free, and that I donít put out any of the costs or effort of maintaining this website, than I wonít complain :) Thanks kindly to MZR for providing the service to all of us, free of charge.

2017.01.09, 05:36 PM
i've been screwed on ebay as well. Sold something with signature confirmation tracking and after tracking shows it was delivered to the correct address and signed for the buyer reported the item as mis-delivered. in the end, i lost my item and the money. :rolleyes:
i've also gotten refunds via ebay protections. it's a hassle for sure but wasn't going to walk away from the money this time. you win some, you loose some.

the bottom line is this, any transaction person to person online carries inherent risk. as noted, the risk is minimized here due to a variety of factors but does not eliminate it entirely. do your due diligence, check feedback, ask around, contact the seller and decide for yourself if worthy. If not, simply walk away. always leave feedback as a buyer/seller/trader.

fyi, found the option to allow deletion of posts. lets give it a try for awhile, T is right, it may help thin the backlog of posts and clean the place up.

in general, the site is maintain (monitored, administered) by volunteer effort, as nearly all forums are. this means moderators are volunteering time to monitor the forum and time is everyone's most valuable commodity. something as simple as not following formatting takes time from a moderator that they could otherwise be spending on more fruitful endeavors. it may save the poster a few seconds of time by not doing so but then costs them and others time to monitor, contact and or correct so a few seconds saved end up wasting minutes for more than one person. multiple that times the number of posts per day, week, year and you can see how this adds up to a real annoyance and pet peeve.

2017.01.20, 11:24 AM
Hey Arch, sorry to keep bringing this up but did this change go through? I still can't delete my thread(s) in the classifieds section.

2017.01.20, 11:42 AM
I made the change that should allow that to happen. I can't check it as I have privilidges so thank you for letting me know it isn't working. I'll have to dive in again to see what I may have missed.

2017.02.01, 07:38 AM
can you check again, i found another box to tick :rolleyes:

2017.02.03, 12:34 PM
Works!!! :D :D :D Thanks very much for following up on this Arch, much appreciated!!

2017.02.03, 12:37 PM
sorry it took so long to figure out. :rolleyes: I just have to remember the pathway should i need to do something similar again in the future.

2017.02.03, 01:19 PM
sorry it took so long to figure out. :rolleyes: I just have to remember the pathway should i need to do something similar again in the future.

No apology needed :). Thanks for your efforts to keep this awesome site running for all us Mini-Z geeks :D