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2016.12.12, 05:57 PM
Question...has anybody run into an issue with the ve pro board not working or not binding? The other day at our race day GTG...i had 2 ve pro cars that would not work when all was on (radio/batteries). I tried re-binding both cars...would not even bind. At home testing them weeks ago, they worked fine and were used numerous times before that. When i got home after race day, tried it at home. Still didnt work. Tried my spare EX6, didnt help. Tried other batteries, didnt help. Ill cal Kyosho when i get a chace. Didnt know if anybody else had ideas. And yes, has my EX6 in MHS mode.

2016.12.12, 07:01 PM
I don't know anything about the VE cars but aren't they all still ASF?

2016.12.12, 08:29 PM
I don't know anything about the VE cars but aren't they all still ASF?

I believe the pro is mhs, but also has an asf mode.

Kyosho has too many bands for these little cars.

Larry, maybe you bound it in asf mode before? But it doesn't make sense that you cannot bind them again. Any lights come on?

2016.12.12, 09:07 PM
Just blinks. I'll have to dig the book out. Maybe I'm just missing something obvious. Although they shouldn't have needed to be re-binded to begin with.

2016.12.13, 07:09 AM
the blue light blinks and no response from car? i had this this issue with my VE pro car and had to bind in ASF, then put the radio in MHS mode. the transmitter doesn't want to bind while in MHS mode. to be honest, i run it in ASF mode anyway. you have to remember to put the transmitter in MHS mode each time you turn it on which is a pain so i don't bother. Can't tell you wither or not this is contributing to my issue with VE pro getting into reverse or not.

There was a button i had to press while turning on the radio but have since forgotten what that was. i only pick up the transmitter twice a month...

2016.12.13, 11:20 AM
We have 7 of these transmitters (EX-2 and EX-6) and MHS cars in our club, and nobody has any issues with them.
I have had one EX-2 that only works in FHSS mode (from new), but all cars are working good.

Binding has never been an issue as it can be on ASF with many transmitters in the same room.