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2016.12.14, 02:28 AM
My apologies if this is a dumb question :o

I bought my Comic racer a few years back, which is on the MB-010 (well technically MB-011) chassis, and I'm now looking to buy a 'regular' buggy. But in all (local) shops they seem to only have the MB-010S chassis version of the buggy, so I am wondering what the difference between the two is.

So far the only thing I could find it that the MB-010S only works with the KT-19 transmitter and not the KT-18 that came with the MB-010/MB-011 sets.

The Kyosho Europe website doesn't even list the MB-010 anymore and on the information page of the buggies there's no technical information about the cars at all..


2016.12.14, 07:23 AM
You are correct. The S is for Sports Series and is FHS not ASF.

2016.12.14, 11:04 AM
If you can't find one locally, then I'd say order a VE, or TKI3 chassis set to use with your KT-18. The board and FET's in the ASF versions are much better than those in the Sports versions.

2016.12.14, 03:25 PM
Hm.. But would the difference really matter for a casual driver like myself? And would swapping the board from my Comic racer be an option?

2016.12.14, 03:59 PM
The difference will only come into play if you intend to add more horsepower. The sports boards are very limited in what motors they can run.

I imagine you could swap the boards. I was figuring you were wanting both cars to be functional. If you're ok with pulling the board from the Comic Racer, why not just convert that car to a buggy?

2016.12.15, 12:55 AM
I tried to convert and upgrade it, but the lack of instructions that come with the parts, and my limited skill/experience made it a nightmare, causing parts to break, finding out parts were missing, wrong parts were ordered etc I gave up and threw the parts in a corner, not to be looked at for over a year... The car is mostly together and working now, still missing some screws.. I don't want to go through that bs again and thought I'd better just get a new buggy and used the Comic racer for parts...

2016.12.15, 04:46 AM
Certainly won't hurt to have an entire car worth of spare parts. Should have you all set for years to come. That being the case, then I suppose you could just get a Sport version of the buggy, and down the road if you decide you want more speed you could look into swapping the board then.

2016.12.15, 07:46 AM
Yep.. plenty of spare parts and the option to upgrade in the future :)

2016.12.21, 10:22 AM
It arrived today :D So awesome! Handles pretty much the same as the Comic Racer, but I'm not really a fan of the KT-19 transmitter..

2016.12.21, 06:46 PM
Time to swap boards ;) The buggies are definitely fun. I love mine. It's my go to indoor runner.

2017.01.03, 05:25 PM
Fwiw I have the mb010s as well as an mr03 with the asf board. The primary difference is that the servo has less steps (not really noticeable in use though) and that reverse can be engaged immediately after braking. No more needing to wait 0.5 seconds and hit reverse or whatever that delay was on the asf board. I actually like the new kt19 with the old school analog adjustment dials :)