View Full Version : April 8, 2017 - HFAY S23 Race 7-8

2016.12.18, 08:50 AM
April 8, 2017 - HFAY S23 Race 7-8

This will be held at Hobby Works in Fairfax, Virginia

we will be running HFAY #2 .

http://www.howfastareyou.com/hfayprod/static/uploads/tracks.picture.9fcf4d096aba5001.484641592d74726163 6b2d322e6a7067.medium.jpg

2017.04.07, 01:53 PM
Bumping thread

2017.04.07, 04:22 PM
So looking forward to this after a very stressful week.

2017.04.08, 12:50 PM
So looking forward to this after a very stressful week.

Next one I'm gonna make my best to show and to film at the very least. If I get a chance to go over my cars and whatnot, will try to race too guys!

2017.04.10, 07:01 AM
FYI, i uninstalled the current version of zround and reinstalled the previous version as the current version is less than 100% reliable.

Mike Keely
2017.04.10, 08:33 PM
Man are the guys getting fast. Down into the 3 second lap times!!!!!

Mike Keely
2017.04.10, 08:45 PM
OH to be young again. Maybe then I may be able to keep Phoenix in line! The kids now days just don't respect their elders anymore. LOL

2017.04.11, 12:29 PM
this class is definitely heating up this spring. :) stock class is normally very tight.
from the mains below, it's just as fun to see the guys at the top sweat a little :p

2017.04.12, 07:00 AM
Mike, Phoenix has blast using your car, otherwise either Phoenix or myself would ended up using the stock car to race.

Any tips on tuning your car so well? I know it has the PN A-arm set, which will probably be a long while before Phoenix saves up his lunch money to buy that. It has been kind of a trial an error when we are tuning our cars, and without knowing what parts affecting what behavior. I think if one day we can learn about how you can tune the car in a proper way, Phoenix and I greatly benefit from it!

Ray, thanks again for bring us the servo plate. Phoenix's MR03 is back and running again!

Mike Keely
2017.04.13, 03:46 PM
I know that Kris and Bill don't want me to teach him anything on how to make him faster. But I have shown all of that stuff to Kris before and it has helped him. I think that Bill already knew most of the tuning tips. All Phoenix has to do is come and ask me. I will tell him just like I told Kris.

2017.04.13, 03:54 PM
i'm certain that is in jest vs. actual desire to withhold tutelage :p

Mike Keely
2017.04.13, 07:42 PM
It won't take him long if he gets out there and cuts some of your neighbors grass this summer.

2017.04.14, 01:11 PM
Mike: That is okay. Don't teach Phoenix, just teach me. I don't think I am posting threat to anyone for a long long time :o

2017.04.14, 01:13 PM
as i noted earlier, i believe those comments were made in jest as it can easily be misunderstood on a written forum (without context) as some nefarious means to not do so. :p

2017.04.14, 03:44 PM
:D:D It is all good. You guys are all great people!

2017.04.14, 03:51 PM
we may know it's a joke, but others reading this may think, what a ****...:p as they lack context. ;) just want to be sure the wrong idea isn't implied is all.