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2016.12.18, 08:52 AM
May 27, 2017 - Kyosho Stock + Special Event

This will be held at Hobby Works, Fairfax, VA

This will be run on 3 wide L track layout.

Please post suggestions for the Special Event. The default will be our Trailer Race if no other choice is mode.

2017.04.09, 09:21 AM
this will be a Trailer event! We are working out the details now for the actual trailer, it will be a new design! Each driver will be provided a trailer to which limited parts must be provided to complete, such as axel, wheels, tires, etc. Aiming to get all their trailer by May 13th leaving all 2 weeks to complete their trailer. no trailer, we could use some hands for marshaling, we know that's going to be a busy task ;)

2017.05.14, 11:03 AM
Trailer Race is coming!
The trailers for this event has been designed Byebyeracing and fabricated by Byebyeracing and Henry/Phoenix have been completed and distribution has begun!
Trailers are provided for this event free of charge, donations to Kris and Henry for their time/fabrication are welcome ;)
1. Trailer must contain at minimum 3 AAA cells as ballast. We have learned the trailers need some amount of ballast to actually be pulled vs. slung around. The trailer design incorporates slots for at least 6 cells. At least 1 cell must be placed in the forward and rear compartment. It is recommended to use a non-permanent adhesive (should you wish to remove them later) to secure the cells in place so that they are not flung around during the race.
2. Trailer requires: differential, bushings/bearings and wheels/tires. We have stock differentials and bushings available if needed. The trailer has been designed to accommodate up to wide +3mm offset wheels. Wheel and tire selection is drivers choice however.
3. Trailers must be pulled by a Mini-Z. What that is to you is drivers choice. I would recommend not selecting a GLA or BZ as it is undetermined how to connect a trailer to these platforms. If you can make it work however, it's up to you. It is recommended you run at least a 70turn motor so that heat build up is not an issue. Stock motors tend to generate too much heat, particularly in the Sports/Sports2 series.
4. Trailers that come off during a race will be reattached by a track Marshall. Please do not continue to lap the track without your trailer unless you simply need to get back to the point it has come off. It will happen so no need to worry, the guy ahead and behind will likely have the same issues. Should your trailer break and not able to be repaired your participation will be over and are welcome to join in Marshaling the track or sit back and enjoy the show. No cars will permitted to finish the race without a trailer.
5. Qualifying will consist of 2 minute heats to set the starting grid.
First and foremost, have fun! It's truly a unique experience and always a lot of fun.
The second event for the day will be a mix of stock/mod. qualifying will sort drivers accordingly by speed/skill.

Mike Keely
2017.05.18, 09:11 PM
How many minutes will the trailer race be?

2017.05.19, 06:26 AM
between 10-20 minutes. long enough to have fun and still in it after a few wrecks or tie ups, short enough to not be a battle of attrition. I believe all the others were in this range.

2017.05.22, 05:33 PM
Maybe you should install transponders on the trailers rather than the cars? So, if tailers fall off, there are no extra laps recorded for driving without the trailer. If using aaa as ballast, should be able to provide power on the trailer without running wires to the car.

Sounds like fun :)

2017.05.26, 06:33 AM
thats not a bad idea, a few challenges to overcome but feasible. i'll have to put that one on the list for next time;)

with an extended holiday weekend, turnout will either be high or low depending on how many are leaving town for the weekend.

2017.05.28, 11:04 AM
Race Results!

2017.05.28, 11:10 AM
video uploaded!

DC GTG 2017 Points Series, May 27, 2017
A Main (https://youtu.be/P0_Eh0_bJJw)
B Main (https://youtu.be/bwYKlihC-_s)
C Main (https://youtu.be/Tk7WMkQ8Kjk)
D Main (https://youtu.be/GSZnWth6z8A)

having trouble with the trailer race video due to file size:mad:

2017.05.28, 02:18 PM
Awesome time as usual! I'l have to upload my videos as well.

2017.05.28, 02:57 PM
Mini-z Trailer Race! (https://youtu.be/iEx4dz1Z-FQ)