View Full Version : October 28, 2017 - Kyosho Stock + MOD Classes

2016.12.18, 08:59 AM
October 28, 2017 - Kyosho Stock + MOD Classes

This will be held at Hobby Works, Fairfax, VA

This will be run on 3 wide L track layout.

2017.10.23, 02:25 PM
bump for this weekend!

FYI, i see there is a particular autoscale on EB (burke VA seller) that was relisted due to not selling. if the buyer is interested in a trade for another autoscale, please PM me with list of acceptable trade request options ;)

2017.10.25, 09:36 PM
I have the I-lap transponder restock with me. 9 ICS and 10 battery tab transponders.

2017.10.26, 07:07 AM
What are the thoughts on holding a regular swap meet before certain race days? Of course everyone is free to do so at any time but the thinking is if we can schedule an hour around lunch time once a month for this it might make it easier. Especially for those that may come just to sell/trade and don’t want to interrupt race times.

2017.10.26, 09:14 AM
Sounds like a good idea to me as long as the hobby shop doesn't mind.
Btw I won't be making it to this race, my band is having a Halloween party Saturday night.

Mike Keely
2017.10.27, 05:10 PM
We will miss you. I think that we will have a good turn out. Hope your gig goes well.

Mike Keely
2017.10.29, 05:10 PM
Good racing yesterday everyone. We had a good turn out. I think we had 11 guys. A few new hopefuls could get us back up to the 15 racers on a race day.

2017.10.31, 07:01 AM
Thank Mike for the layout this past weekend! very fun and challenging, lots of turns so lots of opportunity to catch someone in the twisty bits :p With a slightly larger layout, we really saw a big jump in laps between stock and mod which is fun. Just can't bet stock class fun though, point and shoot...

I added MR-03 small parts kits to the store restock order, there was only one kit left. When they come in again i'll order a batch for the demo car parts bin. All are welcome to use stock parts from the demo car parts bin. We all know front knuckles tend to break when hit just right. I ensure there are always stock replacement parts available though for whomever needs them.

Lets plan for the swap meet to occur on the stock mod days of each month. We will set aside noon-1pm for RC swap meet time which will not interfere with scheduled racing. We all have spare stuff, someone is always looking for something so good opportunity to barter, trade, etc.

Transponders sold quickly! I have two ICS port transponders left and 10 battery tab transponders. As soon as a sell through more of the battery tab transponders I can re-order ICS models, just have to recoup enough of the outlay to not get me in trouble with the misses :p. They are sold at cost, no profit is made on these. I'll likely take a couple of the battery tab transponders to outfit the demo fleet, only two have transponders at the moment.

Is anyone interested in Hobby Works stocking the DasMikro board? May try to get a batch stocked. I've swapped a couple FHS boards over to these recently and they worked out well.

I'll try to get results and video up by Thursday/Friday, really busy week and working on a couple new painted cars when i can squeeze in the time.

2017.11.05, 03:30 PM
Stock Class race results

2017.11.05, 03:31 PM
MOD class race results.