View Full Version : where does everyone get their mini-z funds?

2002.08.21, 06:56 PM
so....where does everyone get there funds to buy mini-z stuff from? personally......never feel like i have enough $$$ to get
all the parts i want :p

2002.08.21, 07:07 PM
Rofl. Working for 6.85$CDN per hour at Home hardware (which owns a Radioshack franchise store that I work in)

I don't make nearly enough to fund my addiction.

2002.08.21, 07:56 PM
let's see...... um.... I hit a big jackpot when chinese new year came (bought a whole tone of mini-z stuff.....) then every week I bum $20 off my parents....lol.... shhh... don't tell 'em.... and i've been bumming $20's ever since..... :D

2002.08.21, 08:02 PM
i sell my body to greasy old men who says they are my uncles......:D

2002.08.22, 05:29 AM
Like Wedginator...........Chinese New Year is a major source of income.......and also i get $20/week lunch money..........but i usually only spend around 5-10$ a week so i have a lot remaining.......another one is when my mom borrows money from me, when she pays back, she pays more ....

2002.08.22, 05:47 AM
I have a job, like the responsible Husband I am. LOL. :p

I work for Cognos, surely someone in Canada must have heard of them.

It pays well enough for a car, motorbike, a wife and a mini-z. Phew..:cool:

2002.08.22, 05:51 AM
Well.... my funding comes from my part time job and tutoring 2nd year engineering dynamics at university. But I have to admit... most funding goes into supplying petrol for my Toyota Camry and filling my stomach with food during lunch time! :p :D

Skylineboy :)

The Thunderer
2002.08.22, 06:02 AM
Working hard and begging the wife for my "allowance".... LOL!

2002.08.22, 06:33 AM
The Thunderer, you must either work very hard or beg very well considering you have several cars on yourmicro,tinyrc and mzr...:D

The Thunderer
2002.08.22, 07:32 AM
The "BEGGING" is the biggest part of it... 'cause no matter how much I earn, "WE" have a budget..... LOL!

2002.08.22, 07:57 AM
Ain't dat the truth.:) Its an unwritten vow....

2002.08.22, 08:07 AM
Originally posted by The Thunderer
Working hard and begging the wife for my "allowance".... LOL!

Can you post a video of that? It would provide us with HOURS of entertainment... :D

2002.08.22, 08:28 AM
LOL. Ha ha Scott thats superb.:D

mini Z modifier
2002.08.22, 09:29 AM
i get my funds to get parts for my mini Z bye begging my mom for some money or saving my money on getting $10 dollars a week. shhhh, dont tell my mom that.:D ;)

2002.08.22, 09:40 AM
i thinkt that i must save more than 20 per month to have my very own mini-z... my budget on spoiling myself per month is 50 so it would be easy to save some money.. but it takes too long time... can't wait to have one... :(

mini Z modifier
2002.08.22, 09:46 AM
im not bragging or anything but i could get a $120 dollar mini Z in just three months.

2002.08.22, 10:05 AM
i could get it too if i went and told to my mom... but i'm sure that would be much harder than saving... and read my last post, i have 50 per month, but ~30 goes to beer every month.. it's hard to be a student :D

2002.08.22, 03:52 PM
Since I got my Micro RS4, my Mini-Z spending has gone down significantly.

I budget 250/month for my hobbies ($380)
I do have other hobbies too, but that's a little off topic.

This has been approved by the Government who also has an expensive hobby: Photography

The Government is my wife
She is:
The Minister of Finance, Education, Entertainment and Transport.

I don't exceed my budget otherwise an "official enquiry" is held as to how and why I broke protocol.

2002.08.22, 04:02 PM
Supporting Trading Floor maniacs in a securities firm is how I afford my toys.

2002.08.22, 04:22 PM
i'm going to get a $200+ mini-z in one day.........

2002.08.22, 04:41 PM
250 per month! Holy tiny screws and alloy bits batman.

Mondo thats (in the words of The Thunderer) a nice chunk of change.

So whats other hobby? Rocket Science?

he he

i'll mail yer...

mini Z modifier
2002.08.22, 04:45 PM
i think mondos other hobby is driving sports cars like viper,corvettes,camaros.ECT

mini Z modifier
2002.08.22, 04:46 PM
and dont forget the 60s and 70s mustangs.;)

2002.08.22, 05:18 PM
rentin jet skis. too bad summer's over, ill have to budget myself now:p

2002.08.22, 05:18 PM
When I break a tire off, or a servo gear tooth, I just put hte piece under my pillow, and the Mini-Z Ferry takes it and puts the required funds to buy another in its place.

mini Z modifier
2002.08.22, 05:29 PM
LOL.:D :p

2002.08.22, 09:58 PM
Drac, still beleiving in the (Mini-Z) Tooth Fairy... :D :D

2002.08.23, 08:18 AM
hehe, this is a very interesting topic.

well, unfortunally, my mum makes my lunch, so i dont get any lunch money :( and i live 5 mins away from school, so i dont get any bus money either :( and my gsce exam results came out... parents werent too happy (only 3 As... they wanted 5 :( ) so at the moment, im kinda stuck with my stock evo and no batteries (i dont even have enough cash to buy new ones :( )

nevermind... its my birthday soon, then christmas coming up :D
(please dont ruin it for me by telling me how many months away christmas is)

oh, and i just remembered something.. now i live in australia, i got more chinese relatives, as opposed to england where i got none... so next year, i'll get a bit more cash :) but then again, i dont have any muslim relatives here, where i had loads in england... so no more eid money :(
(my dad is from pakistan, and my mum is from malaysia)

so at the moment, my cash funds are going up and down like a rollercoaster :rolleyes:

2002.08.23, 08:19 AM
While im not tinkering with my cars, i write music......or try to.....damn hard when you just wanna race with some mates in the garage:D

well things are a little different in my house. The War Office, aka my wife, demands a purse or a new pair of shoes for every order or purchase.....not cheap, but keeps the in-house-peace:cool:

mini Z modifier
2002.08.23, 09:53 AM
when im not lookin up mini Z stuff i play gran tursmo on my playstation and i search for nice sports cars . plus in the shcool year i pley football.:D

2002.08.23, 10:11 AM
Mini Z funds? Work hard,spend hard....it's that simple. Psyklops

2002.08.23, 03:08 PM
After dumping over 7k into my real car then crashing real car the Dept. of Justice (Wife) has declared my new car a no mod car. She was fooled into thinking "How much could he possibly spend on a Toy car".....First day looking for mini Z $400 bucks spent LOL!! who has the last laugh now!!!

ok I haven't been the same since the crash leave me alone
*runs away with girlie arms flapping in the wind*

2002.11.01, 03:36 PM
I work for a 60 billion $ company thats well known all over the world also in coordinance with a multi billion $ ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY where I get help from the "Special Effects" Tech Dpt in helping me with RC racing and development.. With my earnings, I save it and put it away and just rely on my Ebay for RC expenses..

2002.11.02, 02:48 AM
hmm good question...

i just go out in the back and take some money from the good ole money tree, that money tree... that good ole fashion money tree...

2002.11.09, 10:29 PM
i have an arrangement with my wife where we each get about $50 a month for hobbies, no questions asked, no commplaining. it works rather well. it sucks when i blow it every month in one day in one order. 29/30 days of waiting for another chance to do it again.
right now my son is 2 years old, as soon as he is old enough i'm sure my budget will be expanding! i need someone to race with!

2002.11.09, 10:39 PM
Originally posted by bbc5
so....where does everyone get there funds to buy mini-z stuff from? personally......never feel like i have enough $$$ to get
all the parts i want :p

I work for it. But you're right, there's never enough. Besides keeping my two F1s race ready, I have to maintain a Mini-X, a Kawada Tripmate M24, a custom Z...and NOW I have an R/C airplane!

And let's not even get started on the slot car (http://www.birdlung.com/slots) thing!:D

2002.11.11, 09:15 AM

I work for it too... or I try.
Now that I own two Micro RS4s with every available trick part, my poor Mini-Z's are dust collectors.
I've just moved house and I've made a pact (with myself) to get back in to my Mini-Z's BIG TIME.
Having a third Micro RS4 75% complete is going to take some discipline if I want to hop my Mini-Zs up a little more.
I am awaiting the new Mini-Z Over Lander, roll on Kyosho, because the moment one of those arrives on my doorstep, my beloved Micro RS4s will take a back seat. For a while at least..

2002.11.12, 11:33 AM
i make $$$ slanging doobiees

2002.11.12, 07:02 PM
I sell sexual favours on street corners to pay for my addictions:p

2002.11.20, 02:06 AM
i spend my $$$ on bubble wraps for my mini z body thanks to wedge hahaha :D

2002.11.20, 01:59 PM
Originally posted by Psyklops
Mini Z funds? Work hard,spend hard....it's that simple. Psyklops

Agreed! :)

ProjecT x-CeeD
i spend my $$$ on bubble wraps for my mini z body thanks to wedge hahaha