View Full Version : December 9, 2017 - HFAY (BTE) Big Track Event 19

2016.12.18, 09:01 AM
December 9, 2017 - HFAY (BTE) Big Track Event 19

This will be held at Hobby Works in Fairfax, Virginia

we will be running HFAY # .

Classes: HFAY Racer, MOD, F1

2017.11.17, 06:33 AM
spread the word, all are welcome! I'll post up to HFAY about making the selection for the track.

this is the only scheduled race at Hobby Works for December! next year looks to start off interesting with FWD coming ;)

2017.11.17, 08:19 PM
Word up!


2017.12.02, 07:18 PM
update on the track PC. I updated the firmware of hte I-Lap decoder. I updated the OS, updated PCI driver, chipset driver and audio driver. testing z-round shows no sound file warnings when opening the software and no error messages closing the software.

i don't have the loop with me so i cannot do further testing but this would seem to resolve the flaky comport issues that were causing transponders to cut in and out on detections.

2017.12.08, 07:27 AM

everyone should know HFAY rules by now.
Mod is simple, anything your willing to put on the track
90mm is simple as well. anything you want to put on the track in 86-90mm wheelbase.

we are going to need to stay on task to complete all 3 classes so please setup and prepare accordingly. Please make sure you have batteries ready for your qualifier and main. Be sure to have an extra set should you bump up.

Most importantly, have fun!

2017.12.08, 12:25 PM
I'm gonna be present but plan to roll out at 2:30pm. Are we doing sale trade stuff?

2017.12.08, 04:12 PM
Snow is predicted... we have no available make up date for December thus tomorrow is the only shot for BTE at Hobby Works. If you don't feel comfortable driving tomorrow, please do not attempt to drive in snow. i'll be there regardless. If no one shows, i'll ask Bruce if Pokemon can sacrifice a saturday but this has not happened in the past.

2017.12.08, 08:54 PM
They just upgraded to a winter storm warning here. They’re predicting 3 to 6 inches. Hopefully I’ll be there.

2017.12.08, 09:07 PM
Should be there by 11:30. Have some stuff with the family in the morning.