View Full Version : MC3 Mini-Z Buying, Tuning and Racing Guide now available

2016.12.18, 01:21 PM
Essential holiday gift: Now available for preorder in all Amazon online stores. Check out our social media page for more info.

Here is the description :

A definitive guide to the 1/28th scale radio-controlled car racing world of Mini-Z, combining 25 years of knowledge into a jam-packed buying, tuning and racing guide.

Want information and advice on what Mini-Z models are currently available and their differences?
Want to know what to look for when buying used?
Want to know which upgrades really work and in what order you should do them?
Want to know how to diagnose and tune your car to address handling issues?
Want to know how to prepare for race day to maximize your chances of winning and finishing well?

These and many more questions answered in this Mini-Z Guide which features clear, simple explanations and solutions to complex suspension theories and setup issues.

Also, size depends on what device you are using, however the word version came in at 190 pages, so definitely jam packed.

2016.12.18, 05:10 PM
Can you post a link to your social media site?

2016.12.19, 06:53 AM
you could, but it will get edited to become non-functional link in which you need to correct when the new tab or window opens. this is what i mean when you get left behind...

2018.02.06, 05:15 PM
Finally got around to giving this a look. Wow great job guys!

Definitely worth a buy on Amazon.


2018.02.08, 10:39 AM
Thanks Tim. The worldwide response has been very positive. In fact we have partnered with someone who will translate the book into simplified Chinese and sell the book in local Asia markets both electronic and hard cover versions.