View Full Version : Ve chassis vs 50th anniversary.

2016.12.18, 04:54 PM
Looking to get a buggy and I am not sure which one is better. I want brushless power and efficiency, but kyosho has no info on whether is comes with universals or chassis protection plate, or ball diffs. The 50th anniversary has all of those plus aluminum heat sink and a x speed motor. In terms of all the additional stuff that I need, I think the 50th anniversary is the way to go, but I really want brushless speed. Help. Thanks in advance.

2016.12.19, 07:00 AM
so long as none of the chassis parts changed, buy the 50th, buy the VE board/parts and sell off what your not keeping/using. i don't have a buggy anymore so haven't followed their development to know if they changed any parts with the VE model. i do know that many shops are discounting buggy parts so you may be able to purchase the upgrades at a lesser cost than the 50th. takes some shopping research and may have to shop at more than one place but you could save money in the end and still get what you want in a scratch build form.

2016.12.19, 05:46 PM
I just checked kenonhobby and there is literally almost nothing available for this vehicle in terms of board and motor upgrade. I guess I will have to get the ve and swap parts as they break. Is the buggy with a x speed slower than a stock mini z racer?

2016.12.20, 05:39 PM
If the Xspeed motor fits than any standard Mini-Z motor should fit. The FETs on the buggy board are probably upgradable to handle hotter motors but this will be a pain if you don't have the tools or skills. The buggy is heavier than any Mini-Z racer and is also 4WD, so heat will definitely be a consideration and probably a limiting factor of how hot a motor you can go.

I think a VE buggy is your best bet, and buy what upgrades you want. Arch's idea is a good one too, if you can afford the initial investment.

2016.12.20, 06:17 PM
Hot motor options for stock fets on the buggy should be atomic stock 48t, pn 43t, or in that range. They have more low end torque than the 33-35t range, and run cooler. You should need to gear up a little compared to x-speed. If you modify the fets, then other options would be the atomic asf motor which is 38t, or pn39t. The 39t tends to run a little warm, but is one of my favourite pn motors for it's power delivery.

The atomic armature is a little shorter than the pn armature, so more winds on the atomic armature can have similar performance to a slightly lower wind pn motor.

The pn 50t, x-speed, have ferrite magnets, which does not give as much torque as the neo magnets. Top speed should be similar to the atomic stock and 43t, but the lower winds will get you there much sooner.

if I were going to get a new buggy, I would get the brushless. Then buy the hop ups that you want. The increased efficiency, and lower resistance in the drivetrain helps. I personally prefer the feel of a brushed motor on a 2wd car, but awd I welcome the lower drag.

2016.12.20, 08:52 PM
Yeah, there was a brushed buggy for sale on eBay with a good amount of mods for a reasonable price. I half bid on it and went to sleep and lost. So I am going to end up going full ve. I will report back to let you guys know if it has universals or ball diffs stock. Of if the stock dog bones and gear diff are uprated by not exploding on me.

2016.12.25, 11:52 AM
Just picked up the ve buggy. I love it so far, but the range sucks. I am topping out at 35-40 ft on my ex6. Is this normal?

Edit: just compared it to my mr02 asf and mr03ve and they get around 50-60 ft range, and I broke the lower control arm already

edit edit: glued my control arm and tried to use the KT18 and I am getting double the range. now the buggy can go 70 ft before cutting out. Hmmmm could the radio inside the KT18 be more high powered compared to the ex6? That is weird. also the dog bones are plastic. So it appears that the kyosho didn't bother to reinforce the buggy in anyway to handle brushless power.