View Full Version : ex6 has less range than kt18

2016.12.25, 04:05 PM
As title states, I just realized the KT18 gets double the range compared to a EX6. I never noticed the range discrepancy because the Mini Z seldom has go travel that far because I am on the track. I just purchased a VE buggy and the buggy stop responding after 35-40 ft when the cars themselves stops responding after 50-60 ft. I decided to try my KT18 which is just collecting dust, and the buggy can now go 70ft before it cuts off.

Is my EX6 defective or is the KT18 a more powerful transmitter in terms of range? My EX6 is at around 5.4-5.1 volts, and the KT18 is running on nimh as well.