View Full Version : PN DPS question

Aiden M
2016.12.28, 08:10 PM
What are the disadvantages or advantages of not running a dual spring center shock on the disc damper, and vice versa?

2016.12.29, 11:14 AM
Try both and see what you like.
The top shock offers some more adjustments so you can get a better feel for the car.
The top shock gives you the possibility to adjust pod droop and also adjust chassis sag without changing the t-bar.

The only disadvantage is more weight higher up on the car :)

Aiden M
2016.12.29, 02:25 PM
I see, so it's more of a preference... Thanks for the explanation. I will try running without the top shock the next time im at the track.

2016.12.29, 10:12 PM
With a very soft frp t-plate, I find a to shock necessary. With a carbon plate, typically you don't need one.

The top shock lets you dial in the rear end a little more, but isn't always necessary, depending on how you setup the car.

Aiden M
2016.12.29, 11:15 PM

I am currently running a PN #4 Carbon Fiber T-plate (med soft) with the shock... Should I leave the shock on?

2017.01.01, 10:11 PM
Try removing it for a battery pack. See how it changes the handling. I usually use the shock on all of my cars. Personal preference... using the shock with a carbon t-plate may give you more on power steering than you like.

You can try dialing back the preload on the main spring to reduce some of the on throttle steering... and reduce preload on the front spring to reduce off throttle steering.

Either case, with a carbon t-plate, you may want to use softer springs, then dial it in a little with preload adjustments.