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2016.12.28, 11:08 PM
The camber knuckles on my MA-020 VE Pro keep breaking. I've gone through a couple so far. Otherwise, I'm quite pleased with the vehicle.

After a fair amount of searching, it appears the only aluminum knuckle upgrade for the MA-020 is via adjustable knuckles from ground zero. Is anyone aware of other aluminum knuckles that will drop-in to a 020?

Does anyone know where to obtain the ground zeroes? They seem to be out of stock everywhere I've checked.

2016.12.29, 04:08 PM
This is a major omission from all manufacturers supporting the MA-020. I don't get why support for this chassis is so limited....IMHO, it's easily the most capable AWD chassis Kyosho has released yet. I guess a lot of the fastest AWD chassis people have built are not running a stock Kyosho front end though.

Hopefully Kyosho or PN supports this chassis more and we get some more durable knuckles. I've broken a few plastic ones too so I always make sure to keep a set on hand. That does not help you if one brakes during a race though.

2016.12.29, 05:11 PM
And it seems that even ground zero doesn't have them anymore. They're featured on their main page put when you go into the list of parts they're not there.

Maybe send them an email to see if/when they're making more.

2016.12.29, 07:37 PM
I researched this in the past and the ground zero is the best option and I imagine some shops should have some still. Otherwise you can use the PN or Xpower alu front assembly which are very expensive though.
I have the ground Zero part myself and it's solid, although the method for asjusting the camber is somehow fiddly.its lower kingpin is also longer and that resolves the other ridiculous issue of the ma02- the knuckle that pops out as soon as you lower the car. Unfortunately the ma02 in my opinion is not used in racing, it's a difficult car to get right and probably only competitive on slow technical tracks, it rolls too much and feels heavy. Someone should make a 3D printed chassis with lower CG. I have a fully upgraded ma02 VE and I'm constantly on the verge of putting it for sale but I resist as occasionally I get it right and works very well.
I have a spare ground zero knuckle set if you get desperate send me a message and I can sell it to you.

2016.12.30, 10:33 AM
Thanks for the responses everyone. I really like this vehicle, I just want to harden it a bit so I can get through a day of garage racing with it. I believe it has the potential to be faster than my upgraded MR03 VE Pro. The awd cornering is just stunning when it's working properly. Also, the stock Kyosho brushless is a nice match in this car (vs. the MR03) because the drive train induces a good deal of drag brake.

... Otherwise you can use the PN or Xpower alu front assembly which are very expensive though...

Are you referring to PN part MA0150[S,B]? It seems this was designed for the MA010/MA015. Do you know if it works with the MA020?

2016.12.30, 12:32 PM
I don't know if the PN or the X-Power a-arm front suspension kit fit the ma020, you might need to get a ma010/015 chassis as well.
I did fit a VE board on a Ma010 chassis once and I remember having to do bit of trimming of plastic in the area between board and servo but that might have been just me trying to make some more space for cables, definitely doable, it was ages ago so I can't remember to be honest. Definitelly better off with the ground zero option.
I'm glad you are getting good performance out of your awd, what body/wheelbase/offset are you running?
There's a post somewhere on the forum of a guy who managed to reposition two AAA on each side of the chassis, he extended the chassis using battery holders from a Mr03... and he made an online tutorial too.a big headache of a mod but I'm sure the lower CG must do wonders, id love to find the time to 3D print a chassis with flat battery configuration, that's what this car needs