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2016.12.29, 05:00 PM
PDX Mini-z had a great year of club racing in 2016, and we're gearing up for more fast paced competition in 2017. We'll be joining season 23 of HFAY, and lopking to challenge the other participating clubs.

Check out our social media page for info on upcoming events on FB. Just search "PDX Mini-z" and you should be able to find our page fairly easily.

Currently we run a Stock class with MR-03Sports series cars running the stock motor, and some minor upgrades to improve handling: front springs, choice of T-plate, tires, wheels, bearings, and oil shock.

We also run a growing Mod class, which is mainly AAA Nimh, PN2.5/Spectrum, and Kyosho ASF MR03 cars with 50T and 43T motors.

If you're in the PDX area feel free stop in to one our events, usually on 1st and 3rd Mondays 5ish to 9ish in the evening after work.

2017.01.05, 11:50 PM
New here and new to Mini-z's. Saw that there was a club in Portland on the RCtech website, hoping to make it out to the races soon. Will you update event info here? I am not on social media, so just hoping to get the event location etc.. ahead of time.


2017.01.07, 03:30 PM
Weather permitting we'll be meeting Mon the 9th at Round Table Pizza. 10070 Sw Barbur Blvd Portland OR 97219. Set up starts at 5pm, and racing starts between 630-7pm. We'll breakdown and pack up at 930pm.

2017.01.07, 08:21 PM
Cool, thanks! I'll try to make it this Monday.

2017.01.12, 01:44 PM
Great racing this last Monday night before all the snow dumped on us. There was lots of close racing throughout the night. Thanks to Andrew, Cheyenne, and Diego for coming out to race. You guys all did great, and hope to see you all next race night. We even had some FPV racing between Mo and Blaine, and Diego doing some FPV micro drone laps. Wild times at PDX Miniz!

We'll meet again on Monday 1/23 at Round Table on Barbur from 5ish to 930pm. We'll be starting HFAY Season 23. Check our FB site for more info.

2017.01.23, 03:25 PM
Racing, this Monday, January 23rd

Roundtable Pizza Barbur. 10070 SW Barbur Blvd, Portland, OR 97219 Phone:
(503) 245-2211

Room / Track prep begins at 5:30, Racing at 6:30 or as soon as possible after. We start our first night competing in the HFAY Racer national series, and start our 5 month local points series.

Mike Keely
2017.01.23, 04:50 PM
I am glad to see your club joining us in the fun.

2017.01.24, 02:47 PM
We're having a great time being a part of the HFAY Series. We had nine racers last night, and close racing throughout the evening. Season 23, Event 1 is in the books for PDX Mini-z!

We'll meet again on Feb 6th at Barbur Blvd Roundtable. Hope to see you there.

2017.02.06, 02:56 PM
First HFAY race for me, had an awesome time! Looking forward to the next one!

2017.02.06, 04:46 PM
Racing again tonight. 530-930pm at Barbur Roundtable. Setting up a bigger track tonight with Stock, 50-50, and Mod classes to run.

Great racing on the Jan HFAY track Andrew! Looks like your car was hooking up nicely with the new PN tires. Great to have Troy out too, piloting the loaner car like Pro.

See you later tonight!

2017.02.06, 05:15 PM
Thanks Bob! Yeah, those PN tires made the car so much more predictable. I'll be there, see you tonight!

2017.04.02, 11:53 PM
Racing again tomorrow night on Monday 4/3, 530-930pm at Barbur Roundtable. Should be running Stock, Mod, and 50/50 classes.

We'll most likely have the Final game on while we race.

2017.04.17, 07:05 PM
Racing tonight at RoundTable: Running HFAY Event#4, Races 7, and 8. Should be setting up at 530pm and starting races at 630pm. See you there!

2017.04.19, 06:18 PM
Great racing with everyone this last Monday night! We have 4 of the Season 23 HFAY races completed, and one more HFAY event next month on Monday 4/15. We'll meet again at Round Table on Monday 4/1 for another race night though. Ken and I still need to get our 90mm Porsche GT1 cars ready, so we can join Andrew for some 90mm RM battles.

2017.09.09, 04:40 PM
Hey, anyone in PDX still racing? I have just dusted off the old bins of MR 02s, and a couple MR 01s. I just finished putting together the final pieces of what was a car built specifically for the inaugural season of HFAY. Was deep into it, then had kids, so it all sat for a decade.

I've packed around my RCP track all this time (2x Wide L, + 4x large radius turns), finally have a place to use it. I never pulled the trigger on buying a timing system, so can't really do HFAY, but will probably do more racing as winter approaches.

2017.09.09, 07:50 PM
Yes, the PDX club is racing. Sorry I didn't update the thread. I recently moved. They have a regularly updated FB page and Website, and run MR03 Sports for Stock Class with some minor upgrades, and a Pro Stock 70turn class for HFAY. I think they're racing this Monday night. Let me know if you have any other questions.