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2017.01.10, 10:52 AM
I think I know the answer to this by the lack of recent information regarding. I'm looking for some confirmation on what I have found.

Just bought a MR03VE Pro (MHS/ASF) and I have a 3PKS from my 1/8 scale off road racing days. Based on what I can find the only option for me to get my 3PKS to work with this chassis is to find a KO PROPO RF-901SM to mod or use the PN adapter?

Otherwise I'm in the market for a new radio?

Thanks Much!

2017.01.10, 11:00 AM
that sounds about right. the modules have become hard to find so the price on them is a bit crazy. they come up on ebay here and there if you look.

the other option is to go with one of the Syncro EX-6 transmitter for the mini-z.

2017.01.10, 11:06 AM
There is a really good deal on a radio on ebay right now with a 901sm module.

search for "KO Propo EX-10 Helios Transmitter w/ RF-901s 2.4ghz RF module EX10"

this is the same TX I use for all my mini-z's.

2017.01.10, 11:37 AM
Thanks Brian.

I don't mind picking up the EX-6 as long as I can use it for other classes like maybe some 1/10 scale. It appears to be compatible with many of the KO PROPO EX-II components.

2017.01.10, 12:26 PM
I use the Ko propo receivers in my 8th, 10th and 12th scale cars as well. I've been very happy with it.

just make sure you do some homework as to what works with what. I have a module that works with my ASF, and another module that works with the other Ko Propo receivers.

2017.01.11, 12:17 AM
If you're a big Futaba guy and like the feel and features of the radio do your best to find a module. Most other radios just don't compare.

2017.01.11, 07:41 AM
there was another auction for another radio that also had a module, it was like $85. would be good just to get the module, if you find one separate they can tend to go up to about that price or more anyways. it's an option if you want to get one to mode for your radio.

2017.01.11, 06:03 PM
I can vouch personally for the excellence of the 3PKS as it's been my #1 Mini-Z radio for a good 6-7 years now. Absolutely love it and hope I never have to replace it. I got it for just $60 from, surprise surprise, an ex 8th-scale racer :D

I'm using the RF-901SM (obviously) an a PN adapter. I could hack the module so it fits into the stock module socket, or hack the module up completely and integrate it into the radios case for a "factory installed" look, but I don't see the point. I hope one day Kyosho releases an upgraded module that does the old ASF cars and the new high speed Mini-Z protocol that the "pro" cars use (MHS?). One can dream anyways, but I'm not sure the 3PKS is fast enough to realize the advantages of the new protocol.

2017.01.12, 09:45 PM
The 3PKS is fast enough - in HRS mode, but no third party module will ever support HRS.