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2017.01.13, 01:54 PM

I reade several stories about KT-18 transmittes with broken triggers. I bought one cheap because of the broken trigger, and decided not only to fix it, but also improve on the design. In short, the part that fits around the throttle potentiometer is too thin. So I beefed that up. Also I made a spring bar to match, as it needs to fit around the beefed up trigger section.

In short:





A set will cost € 20,- (that's twenty euros) for a (grey-ish) black set, plus postage which is about € 5,- for the USA but I need to check per ZIP code. I ship world wide and only accept paypal.

For € 2,50 more you can choose your colour:
White / yellow / orange (as in the pics) / pink / red / light blue / dark blue / green (as in the pics) / brown.

In the future, for another € 5,- I will make your name or other text in the trigger on both sides. I will make an 'approvall drawing' first and too long words just don't fit. So if you want Richie Archibalt John William Boogieman the Third on there, I'll probably advise against it. But I am still working on that.

I will mail a PDF install manual when you buy, it is really straight forward. The manual will be in English soon, Dutch and German will be available after request.

The prototype you see in the pics is not 100% smooth, yours will be. The spring bar hole on the proto was too small, yours will be a direct fit of course. They are printed fully proffesionally and get an additional surface treatment for a smooth feel, no hobbyist-in-the-shed stuff. There is of course a lead time of usually two weeks as I have them printed on demand.

Contact per PM, please.



2017.01.15, 08:59 AM
If anyone is willing to try, I have them on shapeways now. Dirt-cheap, but I haven't tested their quality. If you do, please let me know. These are the latest design.




2017.02.15, 07:41 AM
HugoW, thank you for your contribution. I will make a purchase very soon - you do ship to Australia, right? Cheers and thanks in advance :D

2017.03.01, 06:25 AM
Hmmm, for some odd reason I don't get notifications from this forum...

Anyway, you're welcome. Sure, I can send world wide, it might take a little while to get to your doorstep. I have sold some in the meantime, the first was a yellow set in the final design:



It dropped right in, fit 100% right, no mods required. These sets I have printed here locally, at very high quality. It seems someone also ordered a set from Shapeways, but I have no feedback on that, yet.



2017.03.01, 06:37 AM
Hugo that order on shapeways was none other than yours truly. :) Will let you know how it goes.

2017.11.05, 08:08 AM
Sorry for the lateness boys and girls. I have been using the kt18 ASF replacement trigger by HugoW (sold on shapeways) for a while now and I can say that it dos the job well. It of course required you to disassemble your transmitter but it fits very easily - just be sure to lay the trigger flat on a firm table and position the bolt on the pcb well over the corresponding hole and push down slowly Until it slides all the way down. Reassemble the kt18 and check that the trigger is hugging the bolt flush. If not, the kt18 won't close together well. Simply reopen and push a a little more.

I'd also like to addd that the shapeways crew are exceptionally professional and generous in their dealings with customers (at least when I used them) so do not hesitate to buy from these folks :)