View Full Version : Kyosho Mini Z AWDvs2WD wheels?

2017.01.19, 09:34 AM
Hi everyone,

I was trying to compare the AWD wheels vs the 2WD wheels for a Kyosho Mini Z? Does anyone have photos of both so I could see the difference. I am thinking it is the middle of the wheel.?

Thank you for everyones help and passion for Mini Z

2017.01.19, 12:08 PM
yes, the inner hub differs. AWD are slotted whereas 2WD are not.

2017.01.19, 01:21 PM
2wd has holes for the bearing in the center, awd has a small slot for the axle. They are not interchangeable.

Also, take note to the offset of the wheel, different bodies require different offsets. Too large, and you will have wheels sticking out past the body, which could lead to damage of the chassis and binding/rubbing of the wheel on the body.

2017.02.05, 08:12 PM
Thank you for the help :) I wanted to post pictures just to make sure!