View Full Version : What stock / silver can motor has mounting holes?

2017.01.22, 10:06 AM

at our track one is obliged to use the stock silver can motor that comes with the kit. We are allowed to remove the yellow thing (fuse?) This motor choice thoroughly limits the choice of alloy rear pods. What spec is the stock silver can and is there a motor with similar spec that does feature these holes? I have a PN 70T, but I think that performs better.



Aiden M
2017.01.22, 06:30 PM
The stock motor is 80T. Not sure if there are other aftermarket 80T motors. You could drill the holes yourself if you want to install it in an aftermarket rear pod.

2017.01.23, 12:01 PM
I thought the stock Kyosho motor was 70T.

I would expect the PN motor to perform a little better with the same turns as it uses neo magnets. In terms of hop ups though, don't be afraid of using plastic on your cars. Lots of people will tell you that you NEED alloy pods/suspension to have a competitive car, but for club racing this simply isn't true. For 70T racing, all you really need is bearings and a T-plate (and tires to suit the track, of course) and you can be very competitive at the club level.

2017.01.23, 03:00 PM
I am pretty certain that the PN 70g does not use neo magnets. I believe that the wire is a larger gauge on the PN in comparison, with slightly thicker ferrite magnets. The commutator on the PN motor is also a larger diameter, with a softer more conductive brush.

This all gives a little more low end torque but somewhat similar rpm.

The PN 70t is the closest motor that you will find compared to the Kyosho stock bushing motor. The PN 80t would be a little closer, but I don't think it is available anymore.