View Full Version : 2017 Wyoming Ice Melter Mini-Z Race (Feb 17th-19th)

2017.01.27, 04:15 PM
Wyoming Wild West Winter Carnival Mini-Z Race, presented by Wyoming Modelers Park

Confirmed Racers from Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado.

FB users can see photos, newspaper articles and some videos. search for "Wyoming Mini-Z Racing" and don't forget to "like" them.

Wind River Casino
10269 HWY 789 • Riverton, WY 82501

February 17th-19th. (Track will open on Friday the 17th right after setup, typically about 2pm for practice. Practice and qualifying on Saturday the 18th and Last Chance Qualifier and Mains on Sunday the 19th.)

Mini-Z Pro Stock: No Fet Upgrades, PN 70T motor.
Mini-Z Super Stock: No Fet Upgrades, PN 50T.
Mini-Z F1 Pro Stock: No Fet Upgrades, PN 70T.
Mini-Z F1 Super Stock: No Fet Upgrades, PN 50T.
Modified Pan Car Mini-Z: 1/28th Scale, Open Class, Pan Car body required.
Mini-Z Nascar: MR-015 Chassis, No Fet Upgrades, PN 70T Motor.
Kyosho Stock: No Fet Upgrades, Kyosho Stock Motor or PN 70T Motor (Kids/Beginners Class)
Off Road: Kyosho Buggies, Overland, Losi Micro Truggy.

Classes will be added or removed as needed..

Entry Fee:
$20.00 for the first Class
$5.00 each additional Class.

Additional information:
This race has been run for the last 10 years as part of the Wild West Winter Carnival in Riverton, Wyoming. Members of Salt Lake Mini-Z have attended the last 9 years and it’s tons of fun and lots of great people. The race is held inside the casino (in the Ball Room) Kids are welcome to attend and race but are not permitted in the gaming area. There is a stage that is used for the drivers stand and a nice big track is setup. There are lots of great people to talk with and get help from. They have a raffle drawing that you are entered into when you register for the classes, one entry per class.

There is an onsite Hotel with discounted rates for racers ($80 a night). Nothing like racing all day and having your room 5 minutes away when you're done.

This is a great race to attend and we have great support from our Salt Lake Mini-Z Club Members.

Entry Form: http://www.wildwestwintercarnival.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/mini-zraceform2017.pdf

It's going to be a fun event. Join us if you can!!

http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj171/Bash_N_Thrash/2017%20Ice%20Melter/2017%20Ice%20Melter_zpsvk28hegf.jpg (http://s272.photobucket.com/user/Bash_N_Thrash/media/2017%20Ice%20Melter/2017%20Ice%20Melter_zpsvk28hegf.jpg.html)

2017.01.30, 07:19 AM
thanks for posting this Russ, I'm looking forward to this race as always it a really fun time!

2017.03.02, 03:53 PM
Good Race in Wyoming this year.


2017.03.03, 03:52 AM
Wow! judging from the pics what a solid # of entries and so nice to see full fields of F1 & Pancar classes too, this annual race deserves more national attention amongst the mini-z community in US and in general.
At least at this moment no other US based mini-z race event(s) comes to my mind in a setting and attendance at this level.
If there are any links to result sheets please do share.

2017.03.03, 10:24 AM
I will see what I can do to get some results pages posted in this thread. I'm sure Brian has them.

It really is a fun event. I emphasize fun because this is one of the only events I have ever attended where the focus was on having fun and improving your skills. Winning is fun and there was plenty of competition. But more than that, there were racers helping other racers get faster and better. Racers share tips and tricks and setup advice. Everybody has a great time and for the most part its all smiles and laughter coming off the drivers stand regardless of finishing positions.

If anybody has ever been intimidated about attending a "Race" or organized event for fear they are not good enough or would somehow not be competitive this is the event for them. There are skill levels from beginner's to very proficient drivers. And we have a lot of different classes. In fact if you have a class that you want to race that isnt already racing, just suggest it and you would be surprised how many others will want to join in. We have a Nascar class that is a super fun class. It has grown each year and I think is one of the funnest classes we have because its so different. We also race off road buggies. And yes the F1 races were well attended with two classes with I think 2 heats of each 50 and 70 turn motors.

There are more pics and video's on our Salt Lake Mini-z FB page I have pics of every year we have attended posted on photobucket also.

2017.03.03, 07:22 PM
Checked out all pics and video media on FB…everything more than matches up as described down to the chill atmosphere!

Given the look of things from stage shot videos and 360 pics, there’s room for quiet a bit more pit tables & therefore larger # of future racers hopefully who will think about flying in to your next year’s event to get their mini-z fix. 3 day program seems nicely packed with action, to the point and as easy on any schedules as it can get. What takes the cake though is the same facility room-race-resturant convenience, mini effort/maxi fun.

All the ingredients are already in place here for a 10th scale style nationally recognized Mini-Z event.

2017.03.04, 08:21 PM
I'll get the results pages posted up when I can. I'll see if it's something I can do while I'm gone for work. If not it'll have to wait until after the 15th of so.