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2017.02.02, 06:49 AM
I would be running 8-10 minute mains and looking for best battery option. I'm new to LiPo so no idea what I should be looking for other then 7.4V 2S with 1.5mm JST connector.

2017.02.02, 07:51 PM
Don't know a better option than li-po in terms of energy density. The power to mass ratio is unbeatable. Go for 7.4V and as high mAh you can find. Solder on your own desired connector. If you're running out of charge before the 8-10 minutes are up, then go to a higher T motor.

2017.02.02, 08:49 PM
Anyone know what the battery bay dimensions are for the GLA?

2017.02.02, 08:59 PM
Ray, just buy one of the Atomic amz/bz battery packs from the shop.
I kknow the 300, 330(best fit), will fit. I think the 360 will fit, might be a bit tight.

2017.02.02, 10:01 PM
Anyone know what the battery bay dimensions are for the GLA?

I bought the Turnigy nano-tech 300mah battery which measures 44x17x12.5 (mm). It fits pretty well into the standard compartment. It comes with a jst and balance lead. The balance lead sticks out back towards the body, adding a few mm to the overall length.

I'm guessing the 48mm 360mah Atomic battery would be just a tinge too long without modifying the holder, but the 46mm 330mah battery should fit perfectly.

May need to grab one myself ;).

Not a direct answer to your question, hth.

2017.02.03, 05:44 AM
Looks like all but the 360 are sold out :( i'll check my LHS next time i'm there, seems to be a common size.

2017.02.03, 09:13 PM
Does the racing class for these allow for modifications? If it does you could easily do a thin slot in the chassis and just use fibre tape to tape the battery in place. that way you could use the 360mAh cell packs no problem.

2017.02.03, 10:11 PM
I am racing in mod class so anything goes.

2017.02.06, 05:56 AM
Couldn't find Ray's earlier thread. In case you are still looking for the battery tray size, it is 16x45x12
We are using a battery by pulse , it is 300 mah.

2017.02.06, 07:30 AM
i moved the post, thank you for the answer :cool: