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2017.02.04, 07:09 PM
I can't find a proper website but they do have a presence on social media.

JOMUREMA JR128-R01 - 1:28(27) -2WD-RTR / RTA RC-car-kit!
Ride height can be adjusted by the well known system with oval bearing- or axle-plate with eccentric holes, but for the first time also on the front suspension! 4 adjustable levels at a distance of 0, 7mm allow a total of 2, 1 mm adjustment height!
Please find more information and pictures of our new Mini-RC car in the Mini-Z format here on our JOMUREMA F******k page!
The new JOMUREMA - Chassis is expected to be available from January 2016!

Image from their social media page

2017.02.04, 08:10 PM
Ive seen it. Not sure if its for sale yet or where to buy?

2017.02.04, 10:25 PM
I know they have an ebay store. I haven't followed all the social media links yet to see where it can all be found.

2017.02.06, 01:51 PM
Looks good... if the price is right, it could be a contender.

Would like to see more pics of the front end, and rear pivot.

2018.02.19, 01:59 PM
I check this forum every once in the blue to reminisce about the good ole days. I would look forward to leaving work and race 1:28 at ACTION RC in Staten Island. Great fun and friends. This car looks awesome. Would have loved try this out.

Mike Keely
2018.02.19, 05:37 PM
I don't see where there is parts support for the car.

2018.02.19, 06:09 PM
I don't see where there is parts support for the car.
I believe that Kenon will be working on stocking parts for this car.

2018.06.21, 01:17 AM
I just bought the RTR at Kenon Hobby!!!!!!! I spoke with Grant Matsushima @ PNRacing / Kenon and he suggested that I purchase this model as my first mini RC.


I'll post photos of the car.