View Full Version : Delrin Knuckles for MR-03?

2017.02.06, 07:52 AM
Back in the MR-02 days, a few manufacturers made delrin knuckles for that chassis. Do these exist for the MR-03? Not sure if they were introduced while I was on hiatus!

Looking for something stronger than the stock plastic knuckles without spending $20 on alloy ones.


2017.02.06, 08:29 AM
I have never failed a stock 03 knuckle. I have seen countless failures of the stock knuckles on the Sports series cars though. I don't know if there was a material change or not and don't know if there were alternate materials other than aluminum in the aftermarket.

2017.02.06, 11:24 AM
i have busted countless stock MR-03 knuckles. In fact, this is the number one broken part on our demo fleet. as a result i tend to have a ton of one side vs. both :rolleyes: for whatever reason, it favors breaking on one side vs. the other.

a common issue i have with stock knuckles is the shaft crinkled surface inside the knuckles strips and the shaft rotates freely in the knuckle. This makes it difficult to remove the wheel using pliers, etc. to hold the back side of the shaft while removing the nut.

on non-stock platforms, i replace with the r246 knuckles. I just prefer the fit/finish.

2017.02.06, 12:04 PM
Thank you both! Sounds like no one has made delrin replacements.

2017.02.06, 12:17 PM
I'm pretty sure their rental fleet is comprised of "S" series cars.

2017.02.06, 12:53 PM
I've busted many MR-03 knuckles. I do like the R246 alloy ones, but I've found after a lot of use their fit on the kingpins becomes sloppy. Almost like the sleeve gets worn out. Too bad it can't be easily replaced.

I find the pin which fits into the tie rod is what usually breaks for me. Alloy knuckle solves this, but again they have the slop issue I mentioned above.

2017.02.06, 12:58 PM
I think that I have only broken one stock mr03 knuckle, using offsets that were too wide on a narrow front end. Broke on the pin for the tie rod. I have used the stock knuckles almost exclusively, especially with reverse kingpin setups.

I don't know if Kyosho made a material change with the S series... But, I know that the plastic of the white bodies feels more brittle then it used to, so it wouldn't surprise me if they were just cheating out on all of their plastic.

2017.02.06, 01:30 PM
yes, our demo fleet is comprised of sports series. most who run in stock class have ASF however and it's still common. I just dump all the spare parts in the demo fleet parts bins and it's take what you need.

In our stock class, there is no running larger offset than factory unless factory is not to an even number. most run slight less than more so you don't scrub on rails.