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2017.02.13, 05:56 PM
Hello, I am a new user on this forum but have been collecting and racing mini-z's for awhile now. I recently purchased the ASF buggy and put a 48t atomic ball bearing standard motor in it. After a few minutes of running it at half throttle the motor was getting very hot (110 degrees). I noticed that the buggy does not coast when you push it by hand, it has some resistance unlike my Ma-020 and Mr03's( which glide when pushed by hand to check mesh). Almost feels like it is binding but when driving it there is no abnormal noise and seems to perform fine. Is that normal? I do not recall how the buggy felt with the stock motor in it.

I have ordered alloy motor plates and mount for the buggy, since I thought it would be useful for this motor.

2017.02.14, 10:17 AM
What gearing are you using with the motor? Did you change the size of the pinion/spur when you switched to the ATM Stock motor?

You could try a smaller pinion and see if it helps reduce heat.

It may take a little time for the motor to break in, and wear the brush a little. This will help reduce drag on the motor. This motor has more drag than the Kyosho motors. The brush springs are stiffer, and the magnets are MUCH stronger. 110f is a little high for what I would want to see.

2017.02.16, 09:40 AM
With the stock motor I had it geared at 7.7:1(15t pinion 33t spur). It was fairly cool even after 10-15 min run time. That is what I currently have in the buggy with the Atomic 48t motor. Maybe I should run 8.88:1(13t pinion 33T spur)? Along with the motor heat sink and alum motor plates the temps should drop with this gearing. I run it on a RCP track mini 96 with the expansion kit. Should I change the slipper clutch due to increase power of motor? Or should the stock slipper clutch be ok? Any other mods recommended to increase drive train efficiency?

2017.03.09, 03:46 PM
I have Just installed the Kyosho motor heat sink and aluminum plates on my buggy. I am using Atomic 48t standard motor. Upon installing the new option parts I noticed that the Heat sink when fully seated to the chassis creates too tight of a gear mesh. In the instruction manual it says to back out the screws 90 degrees if the mesh seems to tight. I had to back out the screws at least 720 degrees to get the buggy to roll better and not bind. Is this normal? I noticed that the aluminum plates came with 3 different size motor holders( 6.0, 6.1, and 6.2). I used the 6.2 at first and the problem was worse. I tried the 6.1 and it is better. The 6.0 does not fit on the motor. The plastic Heat sink seems to fit perfectly fine and the screws sit flat on the chassis, with the Aluminum motor heat sink I have to back out the screws quite a bit. Is this normal?

2017.03.09, 04:15 PM
what kind of fitment issue is the 6.0 holder showing when you say it doesn't fit on the motor?

My guess (since I don't have a buggy) is that the 6.0, 6.1 and 6.2 plates all require a certain gear ratio for spur and pinion....I imagine you could find that info here somewhere.

2017.03.09, 07:05 PM
The 6.0,6.1,6.2 refer not to the motor plates, but to the aluminum round spacer that goes on the portion of the motor where the pinion is attached. That spacer goes on first then the motor plate goes over it. I believe the sizes are for different motors. As all motors do not have the same diameter holder. E.g stock kyosho motor vs Atomic motor.

2017.03.21, 09:38 AM
The problem was the motor, it did not sit flush with the motor case, there was a few mm of space which was causing it to bind. I put in an Xspeed motor and it fit perfectly. The Atomic motor has two metal ridges on top of the motor which does no allow the motor to sit flush.