View Full Version : miniz buggy sports not engaging reverse + some other questions

2017.02.15, 02:57 PM
Hi guys, I'm very new to miniz, I just got a miniz buggy MB-010S (http://www.kyoshoamerica.com/MINI-Z-Buggy-Sports-MB-010S-RS-INFERNO-MP9-TKI3-BlueRed_p_24594.html) I got the readyset model that includes the KT19 transmitter.

1. It seems that has a problem engaging reverse. Sometimes reverse works; sometimes does not not, I will try to explain. With the buggy going forward, I'm breaking and the buggy stops, then I'm pushing the trigger again and the buggy is not reversing (as many times as I try to push the trigger, it will never start reversing). Now if a go forward again, brake, and then push the trigger, reverse might work.
I've noticed that if after brake, a buzz noise comes from the buggy, then the reverse works fine. If after brake, there is no sound coming from the buggy, then reverse is not working.
Can you please help me ?

2. Also I have another newbie question :) on my K19 transmitter, there is a knob labeled 'Light', what is the use of this knob ?

3. Is there a way to set Throttle trim on this ?

4. I've found a technical manual pdf on kyosho website (http://www.kyosho.com/jpn/support/instructionmanual/mini-z/img/buggy/MB010TG-T12.pdf). Are these settings (brake power adjustment, throttle range adjustment, ics...) apply to the sports version as well?



2017.02.15, 03:14 PM
Throttle trim adjustment might help the reverse issue. I have never used a KT-19, but the knob to the left of the steering wheel should be throttle trim. Dial it a little forward, or a little back and see if it helps the reverse engage.

I read that the knob labeled light allows adjustment of an optional light kit.

There are no ICS adjustments for the Sports version. It is a stripped down version to reduce cost.

2017.02.15, 03:25 PM
Thanks emu, unfortunately i cannot find the throttle trim knob, the one to the left of the steering wheel is the light knob which i tried it and doesn't do anything with the throttle :(

2017.02.15, 05:14 PM
My lack of experience with the KT-19 here, I thought it had throttle trim adjustment... you could try a reset of the transmitter? http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=39628&highlight=kt-19+reset

2017.02.15, 11:25 PM
I willl try that, thanks.

2017.02.16, 01:32 PM
there is a reset you can do on the TX, it should fix this issue. search for KT-19 reset and it should come up.

2017.02.16, 05:52 PM
Search for the term "hokey pokey".

2017.02.17, 12:09 AM
Where is the G.SPD knob? :)
Here is the reset thread

2017.02.20, 01:25 PM
Thanks guys, resetting the transmitter fixed the issue with reverse.