View Full Version : MA-020 Ve Pro SP?

2017.02.16, 10:45 AM
Anyone try out the new AWD VE Pro SP? Thoughts? Is it worth the ticket? Thinking about buying one. Is the power band smooth like a proper sensored brushless motor or is it jerky(immediate power on) upon initial acceleration?

2017.02.18, 09:31 AM
The VE motor is quite smooth.
The car is heavy and has a lot of friction so a sudden jerky acceleration wil be the least of your problems.
All depends on what is the purpose of your car. If you will be racing (against MR-03s or better 4WD) then I think its a waste as on most tracks the mr03 will be faster and a lot easier to setup and cheaper to run.
If you want to have fun drifting or similar then it could be good although not sure it would be much better than the older ma01 or ma02 brushed or VE.
I have the Ma02Ve and I'm really struggling with finding a purpose for it, when it's all working fine is decent racer on slow technical tracks but the tuning aspect is very tricky so most of the time the car doesnt drive well enough.
One of the nicest aspect of a mini-z, the simplicity, is a bit lost with this 4wd, I just changed my car from short narrow to long wide and spent a few hours fiddling wit all the small bits that need to be changed, not fun.

I bought my car expecting to have fun with it but its the one I use the least, and to support my opinion just notice how little popularity it has, you'd expect more people to use it if it was a good platform.
Maybe in the right hands it could be awesome, surely not in mine.
Maybe on carpet it's better than on RCP, I cannot comment about that.