View Full Version : Coming soon: 12 piece F1 rim set

2017.02.23, 07:13 AM
Injected molded from ABS Plastic, this rim set is the tool for tuning and cool looks.

Each rim set will contain 0, 0.5 and 1mm offset front and rear rims. Rims are easily identifiable using our dot identification system.

No dot means 0, 1 dot means 0.5 and 2 dots means 1mm offset (see attached pic).

These rims will be the perfect option for both Kyosho F1 cars along with our KMD-FR01 Open Wheeled Racer.

Sets will be available in black, silver and gold colours.

ETA expected to be mid to late March.

2017.02.23, 08:02 AM
Cool! Hope they'll be stronger than stock Kyosho rims!

2017.02.24, 10:24 AM
Thanks for the comment.

While they will be stronger as they have more ribs than kyosho, they are made from the same material (ABS).

One of the main differentiators is that these rims are the only offering for realistic looking rims on the market. Unless you like dish rims then you'd not care about looks. Kyosho stopped producing rims a while ago (like 4 years ago) and are not going to produce anymore. If you can get a set, consider yourself lucky.

The other thing is that nobody has ever made offset rims for F1. We ran 3D printed rims for a while testing the concept and it works.

2017.02.24, 10:34 AM
Interesting. I had no idea Kyosho stopped making F1 rims.

2017.02.25, 01:45 AM
Nice to see. is the offset measurement of 0mm equivalent to the stock Kyosho wheel, or is it a true 0mm offset where the inside of the inner bearing is flush with the inner edge of the wheel?

The standard Kyosho wheels have roughly negative 3mm offset, so a true 0mm wheel would increase the track width by roughly 6mm.

Love seeing all the new stuff :)

2017.02.25, 11:18 AM

The zero is equivalent to stock Kyosho F1 rim. We've added 2 more increments to the stock measurement, specifically in 0.5mm increments.

Thanks, more stuff to come...