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2017.03.01, 08:46 PM
I'm using my phone droid turbo 21mp i need a free app to take pics but want to take good close up pics i need to take are least 4 picks of the 200 plus cars I'm selling black autoscales are the worst none look as good as in person any tips need close up pics don't have time to crop or photo shop here are some examples





2017.03.02, 01:11 PM
You need a white background and neutral lighting. To do this on the cheap, go to the craft store and buy some white foam board or white poster board and set up an impromptu photo booth. Lighting is also important; avoid using something like a halogen desk lamp or the phones flash. If you happen to have a desk lamp that will fit a CFL lamp than that would be ideal. Get one with a neutral color temperature - about 4000K - otherwise known as "cool white"

Seen the massive collection of stuff you're selling on eBay. It's too bad (for me) the bodies I wanted got bid up like crazy so fast. Awesome collection you've got.

2017.03.02, 07:08 PM
Ohhh... so you're that guy... quite a collection... try to get a white illustration board as a background for dark cars, or grey illustration board for light or white bodies...

2017.03.02, 07:15 PM
Click on my signature to see some pics of my cars
Here's a sample

Yellow works too

You can use a lamp for extra lighting.

2017.03.02, 10:37 PM
Don't use the flash.

2017.03.04, 12:07 AM
thanks for the advice i used a tripod for the last ones i posted will get some kind of better light and better back drop I'm using open camera app its better than the stock

2017.03.04, 12:08 AM
they still look so much better in person