View Full Version : Kyosho AWD disk brake?

2017.03.05, 07:42 PM
Hi I was wondering if anyone know if any of these disk brake hop ups would fit on a MA020 AWD chassis?


Thank you for your time and passion for miniZ

2017.03.05, 09:21 PM
Generally, you just install them behind the rim...

2017.03.05, 10:04 PM
Thank you for your insight.. I found this chart it says all body type, not sure how old it is and if it is referring to chassis MA010 & MA015 or MA020.


Detail zoom in of chart disk brake part:

2017.03.06, 06:37 AM
it looks like the GPM, Square products which simply get installed behind the rim as noted by others. I used to have lots of these and they look really nice. mine were from Square and had rubber bands that kept them in place behind the disc. you really just don't find them anymore which is a shame since they arr a nice flair of detail to a car. I wonder if anyone has 3d printed them to reduce weight? i'm sure it would be easier to model it with backspacing and maybe even get a caliper on the rotor.

2017.03.06, 05:33 PM
I think I still have some somewhere...

2017.03.06, 09:06 PM
I think I still have some somewhere...

I was wondering if you tried them on a MA020 chassis? either Kyosho or Square?

2017.03.07, 06:35 AM
GPM or Square, they simply slide on the back of the hub of the wheel do it doesn't matter what chassis it is. It' clear it comes with instructions, just need to find a digital copy. the centers are slotted in some way but hard to imagine then wouldn't slide on like all the others.

2017.03.10, 08:55 AM
Hi I installed the disk brakes. I had to mod it to my MA020ve. I couldn't get it to fit on the rear which is fine because I really just want it in the front. You can place it on just for show. But if you want to drive with it you will need to cut or bend the extra piece of material.

I think the other brands other have mentioned is a perfect circle so it will not need to be modified.

I am happy with the hop up it looks awesome when in motion.

Thanks for everyones help and passion for MiniZ..!