View Full Version : Li-Fe batteries for mini z buggy

2017.03.08, 07:06 AM
Has anyone done the Life battery conversion for the mini z's. It seems I have to cut some plastics in the battery trays to get them to fit on my brushed buggy (asf)
I was wondering if its worth doing this conversion. It is after all a small boost in voltage 6v with 4 aaa to roughly 7v with fully charged LI-FE batts. Run time should be the same as the AAA.
Overall I am happy with my atomic motor but still seems to lack some oomph!
I got the life bats 2x500mah,the parallel wire and charging wire all for like 15$.
I welcome any opinions and suggestions.

2017.03.08, 07:59 AM
The increase in voltage should be noticeable. It was when I tried them in a racer. I can't speak to the buggy, haven't had one in years.