View Full Version : Custom titanium parts kits for front-end of the KMD-FR01 now available

2017.04.14, 06:48 PM
This ready pack contains all the necessary parts to complete the build of the front-end of the KMD-FR01 with the exception of wheel nuts, springs and spring cups.

Many parts are also compatible with Kyosho MR03, Mf-010, MF-015

The kit contains:

2 x MC3 Titanium GR2 Adjustment Sleeves
4 x MC3 Titanium GR2 & GR5 Hinge Pins (2 for Top & 2 for Bottom)
2 x MC3 Adjustable Titanium GR2 King Pins
2 x MC3 Titanium GR2 Upper Suspension Arm Balls
2 x MC3 2 x 3mm steel Hex Set Screw (you need to supply the 0.9mm allen wrench- this is for up stop )
2 x MC3 2 x 4mm steel Hex Set Screw (for locking the adjustment sleeve)
2 x MC3 Titanium GR2 double A-Arm Spring Pins
2 x MC3 Titanium GR2 Knuckle Shafts

Available now