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The G
2017.04.15, 08:54 PM
My proposed rules for a 90mm high motor mount Abarth racing class. This is based on my current car i run.
Kyosho Mro3 non Sp chassis stock fets.. If you have an Sp chassis that's fine. Everything on my car is plastic all steel screws.
Kyosho stock ball diff/ stock steel shaft.
Kyosho carbon T plate.
Kyosho black springs.
Kyosho oil shock.
Kyosho ball bearings.
Kyosho 6 tooth pinion gear.
Kyosho plastic high motor mount.
Kyosho stock brushed motor.
Kyosho aluminum wheel nuts.
Kyosho Abarth body with stock rims, tires, narrow front and rears Kyosho 30's. Mine show little wear after 4 years of running.

Spec tire to race on. Kyosho Mini Z MZW2-30 High Grip Tire (30)
Everyone to use a Kyosho 6 tooth pinion gear.
Handout batteries Turnigy 900mAh aaa's. (I only have five sets at this time.)
I would like everyone to run an Abarth body.

Optional parts.
No aluminum Kyosho or other after market parts. Lets make this the cheapest racing class ever.
Any Kyosho front spring set you want.
Any Kyosho plastic rim set f/r narrow width, no spacing track width.

Racing rules:
Three 7 minute qualifying heats. A single 15 minute main reverse grid. The fastest drivers start in last position on the grid. Everything open for discussion Let me know what you think. After talking with Ryan earlier i will book my clubhouse for our next GTG Sunday, April 23rd.

2017.04.16, 12:35 AM
Anyone have a line on a few Abarth bodies & some HM Motor mounts?

I may just have to buy a new chassis so I can participate in this class. =)

2017.04.16, 10:47 AM
I found my HM mount at Banzai hobby. An Abarth might be tricky.....

2017.04.16, 05:47 PM
after spending part of the day I can say that Abarth bodies are few and far between.

You may want to consider opening to other HM shells even though none of them have quite the high roof line.

2017.08.15, 04:58 PM
Okay guys. I have myself a shiny new HM mount. Now, I need to know what we have decided to go with for bodies.

Lets discuss what bodies will be accepted & in what order you should look for them for this class as I'd like to get a chassis/body put together so I can play in this class too. =)

I believe so far we've talked about:
Allowed ?:
#1 Abarth
#2 Mini Cooper
#3 Vitz

Not Allowed ?:
Golf GTI

2017.08.15, 11:12 PM
Did we agree the mini Cooper meets category requirements? In my mind the roof line is too low compared to the Abarth, Vitz and Honda Fit.

2017.08.15, 11:29 PM
Did we agree the mini Cooper meets category requirements? In my mind the roof line is too low compared to the Abarth, Vitz and Honda Fit.

Nope, we didn't agree on anything that I know of. That's why I put this list up trying to get the info documented. I thought Grant mentioned something about the Cooper. I knew I was missing a body option. The Fit.

So, chime in on options & order of preference that we should try to go for. Seeing Abarth is rather tough to get your hands on these days.

2017.08.16, 05:08 AM
sorry to be an outsider here... but just to chime in... i love running the hm cars...

i've got a couple of bodies each set up differently... if everything is dialed in they're great to drive... i got a stock one with tires as the only "hop up" option... fun fun fun to drive...

i've driven the mini cooper, vitz, vw beetle & abarth
i do know that the fit is high mount 90mm and might fit into your hm category

the vw golf uses a hm but is a bit longer at 94mm

other bodies that might be hm but not qualify - martini racing lancia delta, citroen... there might be others... but i guess it'll be up to you guys to decide...

Lets make this the cheapest racing class ever.

yes i totally agree... racing is fun when it is cheap... hehehe... limiting the pinion gear to a 6T will really put your driving skills to the test amongst the other drivers... it won't be as fast, but i'm sure it'll be a challenge...

not being as fast also translates to lesser broken parts (going fast / faster will always increase the chance of you breaking something on the car)... the only rule that i would suggest for you guys is.... rule #1 have fun...

good luck and happy racing guys... :D

p.s. don't forget to post pics... :D

2018.01.15, 03:00 PM
Well, thanks to Mario hooking me up with this beautiful body, I now have a car to join this box stock HM racing class :D It is an SP chassis (yellow) and has some hop ups but otherwise is bone stock including steel screws and diff shaft. I splurged a bit on stainless front suspension pins and the fluorine coated suspension balls but that's it :)


It drives so darn sweet too. Easy to tumble if you hustle into a corner too quick but it tends to land on its feet and is so much fun to dart around on my Mini-96 track :)

2018.01.15, 11:38 PM
I finally got off my butt to put something together too, hope it qualifies.

Honda Fit on a MR-02 ASF with Atomic narrow tower bar conversion.

The only other things I can think of that aren't Kyosho stock are aluminum wheel nuts and Atomic rims - S6 front and dish rear. Not even using an oil shock. I can change to Fit Autoscale wheels or 0N Atomic dishes if the 19mm front wheels are not allowed.

Totally untested as of this writing, but looking forward to joining in sometime in the next few months.

2019.01.22, 10:59 PM
how'd this class work out? any pics? :D