View Full Version : 98mm Bodies with GT Wings?

2017.04.23, 02:20 PM
Noticed the "mini-z-guide.com" website is a bit out of date. Want to know what all the 98mm bodies with wings are.

So far I've got:
-Ferrari Enzo GT
-Ferrari 458 Italia GT2
-Lamborghini Diablo
-Lamborghini LP670
-McLaren F1
-McLaren F1 GTR
-McLaren 12C
-Aston Martin DB9
-Lexus SC430
-Nissan GT-R (GT)
-Honda HSV-010
-Audi R8 LMS

Any I'm missing?

2017.04.23, 05:10 PM
yeah, i wish it was more complete. it's an awesome resource.