View Full Version : PN mount with Kyosho rear and friction shock

2017.06.25, 09:46 AM
PN mount with Kyosho rear(MFW04) and friction shock (MFW16)

I got a few bits to upgrade the rear... PN mount with Kyosho rear(MFW04) and friction shock (MFW16)..I'm guessing a fair few people run this setup. Looking at something like NoBrainer's pics from his thread on "F1 - what's needed".. (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=448320&postcount=29)

The problem is that distance between the motor mount and how the friction shock sits.... I don't have any spare bits laying around, so I'm after some advice on what I need to buy to fix this. Do I just need a 12-14mm screw and a heap of shims? where would I get this?

Blf's thread on rear suspension thread mentions the "Shapeworks PN top shock adapter". I think I also read briankstan using a PN damper post, is that what I'm missing? how does the post get fixed to the motor pod?

Sorry I don't have photos cos I had to put back the stock plastic mount with the metal motor heat sink to race.

2017.06.25, 04:45 PM
Ive done that setup pictured in Brians post and getting a longer damper post is exactly what I did. I attached it by threading a grub screw scavenged from an unused 94mm PN motor pod post mount.

2017.06.26, 10:35 AM
I got no PN motor pod to scavange a grub screw from :(
If i did go down that path.. do i still need a few mm of shims to support the bottom spring of the friction shock?

I'm guessing my other option is the longer screw, long enough to fit both the rear and friction shock.