View Full Version : Help with wheels for classic race cars

2017.07.19, 05:18 PM
Hi all,

I am working on some 1960s Le Mans bodies(Ferrari GTO, Ford GT40, and Shelby Coupe). I am running into a lot of problems finding mini z wheels that do these cars justice. I have the GTO autoscale stock wheels that look terrible, and I don't have wheels for the other 2 cars (both started as white bodies). I am extremely jealous of the slot car wheels available for these cars. Has anyone ever attempted to modify 1/24 slot car wheels for use on Mini Z? They do not have to be extremely high performance, but they do need to perform well enough to do some racing on a home track. The link below are some BRM wheels that would look beautiful on the Ferrari.

Even if I do settle for the kyosho classic rims, I haven't been able to find any Kyosho Classic tires. I would need both narrow and wide and would like them to be as grippy as possible (I think 30 degrees might be the stickiest tires I have found listed in kyosho's catalog, but I can't find any to purchase)


Thanks for the help!