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2017.08.06, 10:16 AM
anyone else going to various conventions? I've attended SDCC in 2016 and 2017, although not sure it's worthwhile to go again next year as travel and lodging are crazy expensive.
i've already gotten tickets to HASCON in september. it's a cheap weekend trip which is good because i don't have high expectations for this.
I missed awesomecon this year but attended in 2016. I haven't attended nekocon in a decade or more after attending for several years in a row.

i don't know of any RC/hobby related conventions on the east coast, they all seem to be west coast.

before the recession, we used to get news of upcoming conventions posted all the time but it seems this seldom happens anymore.

El Tigre
2017.08.08, 04:23 AM
Baltimore comicon is impressive and that's coming up soon, there's a Transformers convention coming up in the D.C. Area soon too. As far as R/C conventions on the eastern side of the country, the only thing I can think of is the show Great Planes puts on every year, though I don't think it has the hype RCX has. I think show promoters know exactly where to advertise, which seems mostly on social media, and unless you follow those interests, that kind of news can be missed as it's not in the magazines we used to read. Hascon looks cool, but sounds expensive.

2017.08.08, 12:56 PM
i don't have a heavy presence on social media, if at all, which i understand is what makes finding information a challenge at times.

i had not seen info on Baltimore comicon before but will check that out. i have to imagine it's not being helped by the negative press the city gets with regard to crime these days.

El Tigre
2017.08.08, 08:16 PM
I'm not really familiar with Baltimore, but the 3 times my family and I traveled there from NC, we had a great time. The convention center is near the waterfront which is a touristy area and seems safe, never a problem and parking was reasonable and plentiful. Virginia International Raceway has a number of great events and one I attended years ago had a Traxxas booth with an RC exhibition that was mobbed with people but cool to see. NC has a number of great conventions like The NC Comicon, Animazement and Heroescon and there's a shop near CharlotteNC that races mini-z too. Anyway, good luck.

2018.02.17, 09:22 PM
I have always wanted to go to San Diego Comic Con, but unfortunately, no luck. I also wanted to go to the Star Wars Convention last year in Orlando, but I missed out on it.

2018.02.17, 09:45 PM
Anyone going to awesome-con in DC? Me and the family will be there for Saturday.

2018.04.09, 07:05 AM
So Awsomecon was OK. There seemed like many more cosplayers this time which makes it entertaining. I only saw one panel and enjoyed the rest of the time simply wandering the exhibition floor. I'm a bit dismayed at the seemingly overwhelming presence of Funkoo Pops everywhere. Maybe I just don't get it as they are not my thing and not a big fan in general of static vinyl statues and chock-key figures.

2018.07.16, 09:14 AM
Definitely been over cons on our coast since the good old days, mostly because the crowd has changed and most of them blew up past a cozy capacity. Neko days with MZ's on top was probably one of the best experiences I've had.

2018.07.16, 09:38 AM
I have fond memories of Nekocon as well. That was about the time I really started exploring what was out there with anime having seen the obligatory stuff like Macross growing up. At the time Kyosho was also doing autoscales for pointerman and the like which was a good tie in for the culture.