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2017.08.15, 12:56 AM

just wondering... some of my posts include pictures that i have stored on photobucket...

so lately i see that they are starting to charge :eek: a monthly fee to enable users to link their pictures (in photobucket) to another website... (defined as what photobucket terms as - 3rd party hosting)

ugh.... i've seen some pics that displayed the following banner...


like totally what a bummer...

i don't know if it has affected any of my previous posts... but it would be kind of sad to see if did...

have any of you tried using something else? or if there is a site that still offers 3rd party hosting?

thanks for any response

2017.08.15, 11:50 AM
Have you used your member gallery? I haven't touched mine in ages.

2017.08.15, 11:52 AM
It's a massive, internet-wide blanket and it really seriously sucks. I understand Photobuckets position, and I understand they hosted billions of images for free but the implications of their business decision are far-reaching. That wonderful thread a car enthusiast put together on how to change the heater core on an 04 Honda Accord? Images gone. Thread rendered mostly useless since it relied on the images to be useful. Millions of useful How-Tos, Guides and Instructions are broken all over the interent, and Photobucket is essentially holding the images for ransom. (You can still download your stuff from their servers, last I heard, so it's not totally inaccessible.)

That is, unless you fork over $400 a year to photobucket :rolleyes:

I get it. It's a business decision. It's also the cooperate equivalent to shooting yourself in the foot with a Howitzer.

2017.08.16, 03:30 AM
ugh... so it was probably their plan all along? host and store pics for free.... then boom change the rules by charging users for using it on third party sites....

pretty sneaky tactic... now i guess we know why they were hosting and storing users pictures for free... guess we all didn't see that coming... guess the bottom line was and still is... it's a business after all... and well free... doesn't mean what it used to be...

wondering if some of you can see the pics i linked to some of my articles via photobucket... although i can see them and that "please update your account to enable 3rd party hosting" hasn't popped up instead of the pictures (just yet), am wondering if it'll affect some future articles that i'll post with pics... either that or i'll just have to attach and upload them on this site like i did before...

2017.08.16, 03:32 AM
Have you used your member gallery? I haven't touched mine in ages.

haven't really got around to use my member gallery... :o:(
might be time to experiment and explore...