View Full Version : Alloy Pinions

2017.09.04, 03:44 AM
Anyone use them? Comments?

Pro 2 Derlin vs these?

Reason I'm thinking of trying is 3 of the last 4 pro 2 64p 9t pinions I purchased have the hole for motor shaft slightly off so you can see it when slowly turning it.

Any thoughts?

2017.09.07, 12:37 AM
Alloy pinions are a solid choice IMHO. Hmm.. The Pro2 PN Delrin pinions are usually excellent.. Very surprised you're seeing bad tolerances. :eek:

The PN 7075 S3 alloy pinions are A++. Hard coated, slippery, precise.
@ 64p, an alloy pinion should work great with deleon spur gears. Hope this helps:D

Oh and contact PN racing about the Pro2 Delrin pinions you found to be off. If they're bad PN will replace them. PN Racing are Good People and will make it right:cool:

2017.09.11, 06:06 PM
Thanks - I purchased a few and do like them with my reflex spurs - nice and solid