View Full Version : MR03 PCB into MR02?

2017.09.12, 12:16 PM
Is there any reason I can't transplant a new MR03 sport PCB into an MR02 chassis?

2017.09.12, 12:33 PM
Other than the difference in servo motors, no. You should be able to use the 02 servo motor and just solder it to the board.

2017.09.13, 08:26 AM
Be prepared to swap polarity on your servo motor... because an 03 had a 4 gear servo and an 02 has a 3 gear servo the motor direction needs to be reversed to keep servo travel functioning correctly.

2017.09.13, 10:42 AM
Follow-up question:

If you had a nicely assembled and good handling MR02 with a glitchy PCB, what would be the best choice for a new PCB?

The main factor here is being able to use it without needing a 3rd transmitter. I have an old-school MX-A for crystal cars, and will get a basic KT19 for MR03 Sport. I'm somewhat ignorant about radio compatibility between first-gen MR03 and current models.

The MR03 Sport PCB seems to be the cheapest (and available) option. I was also wondering about the PN 2.5 board, but confused about radio compatibility. I see some posts that say to avoid MR03 Sport, but it seems like a necessary evil for stock class.

If I have a fleet of MR02s, and want to get into brushed MR03, and maybe convert a couple MR02 to newer (MR03 radio compatible) electronics, what is the best course of action?

Thanks for the info!

2017.09.13, 02:01 PM
Currently on the "bay" item number122667111815 is a short cut to your destination. It is already equipped with the extremely rare 901SM module so it is ready to handle the early 02 ASF, 03ASF and some of the 02/VE conversion kits. The EX-1UR was and is a good basic radio on par with the KO EX5 ASF only. You should check it out before somebody scarfs it up just for the module. I believe that it is a left coast seller as well.

Aside from the static issues that cause range failure the "S" series isn't bad. it is a straight up 03 chassis with a weak electronics package much like the old 02EX 2.4ASF cars which had no brake function much like the 01 series.

As far as a glitch AM car goes I would try to locate an 02 2.4ASF board. They had a little reverse delay issue but other than that they were OK and there is a mini-Z compatible 2.4ASF board available from Banggood.com The unit sells for less than $50 and you have to transfer the servo motor, switch and potentiometer over but it is clearly marked. it's worth a shot. Once you get on their site just search for the Z.

2017.09.13, 02:48 PM
I'm interested in this solution, but am I buying obsolete equipment for electronics that aren't even manufactured anymore? I don't think I'll go brushless, and I'm concerned about the lack of available new stuff in terms of electronics. I guess it comes down to getting that used controller and looking for out-of-production electronics vs. being able to buy a Sport 2 Ready Set and using the KT19 that comes with it.

Thanks for the info. As I mentioned in another thread, I popped out of the Mini-Z scene for a decade, and I kind of miss the old days of pairs of crystals and common radio language. I suppose I could just focus on one car/controller combo, but I've always enjoyed building up cars and having a fleet. Just trying to figure out what my new "standard" will be.

2017.09.13, 05:16 PM
In my opinion the "standard" will remain to be the 03ASF brushed for a few more years. The swelling of VE from Kyosho created an instant aftermarket for the plethora of different chassis from many manufacturers that have managed to dilute the true Z's by being mixed in with or classified as mini-Z's. Granted the AAA battery technology had or has elevated to the point that many groups tried to find ways to introduce small Lipo batteries into the mix which elevated brushed motor speeds to the insane and brushless speeds to what I call the "vanishing point".

There are enough parts out there for you to advance your project to the last level from people that are trying for whatever reason to take their program to the next. I think that a couple of the aftermarket cars have a lot of promise and the potential to maybe bring competitors from larger classes to the scale we have known about for so long. What the Z community needs to do is embrace them but keep them as what they currently are. A novelty. Make a place for them at events but not as the headliner. As of now they are far to exotic for a beginner and without that beginner what's the point.

Again I will say that this is "MY" opinion. I have seen some of the best racing programs in the country either disappear or shrink to size levels that technically won't keep the doors open. The groups that are maintaining some modicum of control over the various VE offerings are at least holding their own and in some cases prospering. Time will tell.