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2017.09.16, 08:41 AM
Kyosho will be launching this new series around October which is using the FHSS system with new transmitter, KT-531P. Advertising clearly now distinguishes this as RWD with the new FWD being described as series 4? both these pair with the FHSS only transmitter and both have a new board with white antenna.

Does this mean the Sports and Sports Series 2 are done and no more FHS?

First launched in 2013, Kyosho has renewed the MINI-Z Racer Sports MR-03 concept to be even more user-friendly and appeal

Includes stylish design of Syncro KT-531P transmitter. Features steering / throttle trim as well as dual rate adjustment of steering angle and control function LEDs.

kyosho clearly has more sports FHS kits scheduled for release later this year so how exactly does this new system fit into the Mini-Z eco-system?

Entry level
Sports/Sports Series 2:FHS
Sports Series 3: FHSS

MR-03: ASF

with 3 radio systems in the eco-system this all feels well, lost. It's not like this was launched with full product display, presentation and information as one would typically expect. were sort of left to our own to figure out what this means with regard to whats transitioning out , if anything and what will be left for the coming future? most of us have invested significantly into the line and constant changes in radio systems with proprietary transmitters is getting to be a bit much. as am un-official brand representative, i'm at a loss for how to explain these moves to club members, LHS recommendation for stocking and recommendation to potential customers.

Kyosho, if there is anyone listening, help me help you...

2017.09.16, 09:53 PM
I hear ya Arch2b.. Way too many radios in the Mini-Z family :confused:

2017.09.16, 11:44 PM
It's somewhat ironic I chose this moment to get back into Mini-Z after a decade away. When I left, there was one standard (27mhz, with pairs of crystals). I remember doing tons of car upgrades, then when I finally upgraded my controller (and not even anything that fancy, an Airtronics MX-A), it was like a whole new world. I realized the controller might be the most critical component in the whole system, and by far the most expensive. I want to be able to have just one controller that works for all my cars, and I shouldn't have to get a new one every time they come out with a new upgrade. I can only really afford one decent controller.

It is so confusing now. I've asked around, and the consensus I received was ASF was still the best, MR 03 Sport to be avoided, Sport 2 not as bad, and now there's a new radio format.

I sprung for a used EX-1UR with a 901SM module, and ordered some new boards from banggood. Will retrofit some old MR02 chassis, maybe build a new MR03 from scratch, and probably just use the KT-19 or whatever comes with a new readyset.

2017.09.20, 08:21 PM
My question is this an already existing system that they been using in big scale? Do they plan on releasing a better radio like they did with the older sports series?

2017.09.21, 06:51 AM
The FHSS comes with a new transmitter, KT-531P.

Including the latest Syncro KT-531P transmitter with steering trim, throttle trim, dual rate, LED control function, and sponge steering wheel for comfort fit...

2017.10.15, 12:09 PM
Kyosho Taiwan today posted on Faceballs that the KT-432PT will receive a firmware update to support the FHSS signal used by the MA-03F. Waiting on response to confirm if it is the same FHSS signal used on already by Kyosho or yet another specific signal to Mini-Z

This is important news in that the Sports series upgrade transmitter will then act a as a bridge between FHS and FHSS lines similar to how the EX-6 supports ASF and MHS.

4 signals in a single product line is a cluster&^#* already :rolleyes:

2018.01.11, 01:05 PM
The claim "The new control program on the newly designed circuit board realizes linear handling characteristics"

Any news on how good the new FHSS system is and how this new radio/board combo compares to the ASF and FHS systems?

2018.01.12, 01:20 PM
Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

2018.01.20, 08:34 AM
Got to try one yesterday right out of the box and it was pretty good. I have very little experience with the FHS/KT-19 to compare this to, but this new combo felt pretty good, similar to the ASF/KO Radios Iím used to.