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2017.09.16, 06:58 PM
Finished my first whitebody. Learned a ton. Almost done with my second (Audi R8 in Playstation Livery). This one is done in some Ferrari sports racing decals from Patto's. I used Future as Patto's recommends over airbrushed Tamiya acrylic paint. As it dryed the Future cracked and the car looked like a 500 year old painting. I sanded it all down and used some windex to try to clean it off, then used Tamiya clear. Car looks good from about 1 m, but much worse on close inspection. Works great as a track car, not so good as a shelf queen. Luckily it is a track car.

I think I have the bug. I already have a backlog of 2 more.

2017.09.16, 08:01 PM
The trick with Tamiya paints is paint then use Tamiya clear then apply decals and future finish. The future "cracking" happens to me if i'm in a hurry and don't clear spray the paint.

Good luck with your next bodies.

2017.09.16, 08:06 PM
After reading again I might also suggest (if you're air brushing) to use future in super thin coats and allow to dry fully between layers.

I've experienced 2 different types of cracking....one where the paint gets thin lines in it and one where the Future actually dries with cracks in it. Both come down to the application process and if the paint gets sealed to the body first with Tamiya clear.

2017.09.17, 01:43 AM
Thanks for the advice. I'm always looking to learn more. I am new to airbrushing, but I really enjoy it. Very relaxing, but not always satisfied with my results. (Orangepeel is always a challenge). I did actually put on Tamiya Clear, then the decals, then Future. Not sure what went wrong, but something sure did. Maybe the Future was sprayed on to heavy. On the audi I just sprayed light coats of Tamiya clear over the Patto decals without much trouble, so I might just give up on the future, we'll see.