View Full Version : Cannot log in securely

2017.10.18, 07:59 PM
This probably isn't an issue for most people who have been logged into the site forever, but when I logged in today after refreshing my browser, firefox warned me I was logging in over an insecure connection. Adding https:// before your address returns an error that this website isn't configured properly.

I rolled the dice and logged in anyways (unique credentials) but this is a pretty significan't security concern. Can someone kindly fix it asap? :)


2017.11.06, 12:41 PM
Bump. Can someone from site administration please comment? :)

2017.11.06, 01:17 PM
i've bumped the web person... i can't answer this myself unfortunately.

2017.11.06, 01:18 PM
Excellent! Thanks for following up Arch :)