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2002.08.23, 10:14 AM
Hi everyone,

My cousin just drop in with his Mini-Z and I'm testing it at the moment.... it's making some weird noise from the stock motor when rev up to full speed forward or reverse. It is not that high pitch tone coming from the ESC. The noise only happens when the motor is revving at full speed........the Z is about a year old. The noise is high pitch but definitely not coming from the ESC. There is some minor vibrations from the motor when that noise happens too. He only drives it around on his office carpet floor which is quite dusty... I've tried cleaning the motor and re-lubricate it... the noise is still there..... any ideas what's wrong? Does the motor need to be replaced?

I'm revving my Z now and it doesn't have that vibration on my cousin's car. (Just trying to compare between my Z and his Z)

Any opinions will be helpful. Thanks.

Skylineboy :)

2002.08.23, 10:31 AM
I am not a guru, but if the cleaning doesn't work you could just replace the can with a squat BB one. Cheaper than a replacement and will give more speed too.

2002.08.23, 10:38 AM
Does the Z loose power while squealing like a pig?
It may be that your motor is just dry.
Very sparingly apply a drop of gun oil or similar.

2002.08.23, 10:46 AM
This most likely means that the bushings dried up. Simply buy an electric motor cleaner, lightly spray inside motor, rev, spray again, and rev again. then lightly oil the bushings on both sides.

2002.08.23, 10:48 AM
Thanks Butler and W-tone for replying :)

To W-tone :
Your discription of the sound is pretty much spot on! I just can't find words for it......it sounds weird!

I'll take the motor out now and try re-lubricate it again. I'll let you know if it works.... my cousin is playing around with it now on the kitchen floor and it does squeals like a pig!

Skylineboy :)

2002.08.23, 10:54 AM
Thankyou NML :)

I'm doing exactly what you've suggested at the moment....

Just clean out the motor with the Orion motor spray and waiting for it to dry.....

I'll get back to you once I've re-lubricate the motor with machine oil... just waiting for it to dry now....

Will reply you in a couple of mintues...

Gosh... the motor feels freezing cold when the motor spray is evaporating on it!

Thanks again NML,

Skylineboy :)

2002.08.23, 11:20 AM
Thankyou NML & W-tone! :)

As you guys have suggested, I didn't put in enough oil into the bushings (the first time I've cleaned it)... now I've clean it for the second time and re-lubricate the motor again and it is working perfectly! No more weird noise and vibrations!

Passing on a "thankyou" from my cousin too.

Skylineboy :)

2002.08.23, 11:32 AM
glad to help:)

2002.09.12, 01:10 PM
need a drop of lube on the bushing........u hear that metal to plastic grind!!!!!

Remember your AFX cars use to make the same sound!!!!!

2003.03.22, 07:37 AM
I have had my z for about 3 weeks and It started doing that today.
What is the exact name of the company and lube for me to look for?
Do they sell it at Home Depot or Ace?
Do you have to take the motor out of the car? (if yes I'm screwed)
Where do I put the lube?

2003.03.22, 10:25 AM

I use a oil made by BRP racing products (see attachment) to lubricate my motors. You can find them in your local hobby shop. Just ask them and I'm sure they will have some sort of oil for motor lubrication.

If you are just lubricating your motor, you might not have to take the motor off the car. But if you are cleaning your motor, yes, you'll have to remove the motor and the pinion as some motor cleaners are not very kind to plastic.

Skylineboy :)

2003.03.22, 01:45 PM
I looked through my garage and found this
Is it ok to use it? it doesn't say eletrical lube.

2003.03.22, 02:40 PM
just buy a small thing of sewing machine oil (a buck or two) and keep it in your mini-z tool box... or racing oil if you prefer hobby specific products ;)